Preparing Your Session Proposal

In addition to basic personal information about who you are (name, institution, email address), the following information is required on the submission form:
  • The type of session you are proposing. 
  • Session title (should clearly identify the topic).
  • If you are submitting on behalf of an organization, the name of the organization
  • Content level of your session: novice, intermediate or advanced.
  • Programming track that best aligns with your proposed session:
    • Course or workshop: choose a primary track.
    • Cross-track Symposium: choose up to 3 tracks.
    • In-depth Symposium, Track Hub and Mini-Conference: choose a primary track (required) and as many sub-tracks as relevant.
  • Session description (4-5 sentences describing what the speakers will present).
  • Three learning objectives (use active verbs).
  • Key takeaway points (5-6 bullets listing what the attendee will learn in the session).
  • Key takeaway points’ references (cite the specific references used to support your key takeawy point for the attendee).
  • Explanation of why your proposed topic is particularly important to present in 2022.
  • Name, degree, institution, email for each convener and speaker (convener may speak in session).

What We Look For

The ASM Microbe Program Committee develops the meeting, in part, from submitted session proposals. Proposals are reviewed and considered using the following criteria:
  1. Completed submission form, including all conveners and speakers.
  2. Session title that accurately reflects the topic.
  3. Appropriate session format for the session proposed (occasionally, the program committee may suggest an alternate session type for your topic).
  4. Well-written session description, learning objectives and key takeaways (with references) that provide a clear picture of the session and what attendees will learn through their participation.
    1. Meets the needs of the community.
    2. Has not been presented recently (or if it has, merits an update).
  5. Current topic(s) that present the latest science.
  6. Convener and speaker diversity (gender, race, career level, geography, etc.).

Two-Year Speaker Rule

ASM Microbe has a “2-year speaker rule” that discourages speakers who have already presented in the past 2 years. To verify your speakers have not spoken in the past 2 years, please check this list. If they are on this list, please choose another speaker for your session. 

Speaker Diversity

ASM Microbe encourages and expects speaker diversity across the spectrum in the sessions at its meeting, including but not limited to: gender, race, career level, geography, institution etc.