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The health and safety of participants at ASM meetings is a major priority. At this time, ASM is planning to hold ASM Microbe 2022 in Washington, D.C. In the event of travel restrictions or other factors impacting in-person meetings in 2022, the meeting format may be altered to include live and/or remote speaking opportunities. By accepting the ASM Microbe invitation, you agree to participate in a live, digital or hybrid meeting format.

Embargo Policy

Speaker presentations and discussions with the press may not be published until after the day and time of the actual presentation. This policy remains in effect until June 13, 2022. Check out the expectations and entitlement of conveners and speakers for more details.

Please Note: The invited speaker entitlements do not apply to abstract-related presentations, such as Posters, Rapid Fire and Oral Abstract Presenters in the In-Depth Symposia.

Session Format Definitions

Courses and Workshops

  • Courses and workshops are separate from the core meeting and have a separate registration fee.
  • The format may be a full or half day with up to 1 convener and 4 speakers. 
  • Courses feature a series of instructors that cover a selection of related subjects typically presented in a lecture format.
  • The interactions center around small group discussions and question and answer sessions. 
  • Workshops are interactive and attendees participate with instructional training that takes a deeper dive on a particular subject, software or specialized equipment.


  • A mini-conference is an extended session or series of sessions focused on a specific subject area in the microbial sciences.
  • Up to 1 convener and 4 speakers may be assigned to this format. 

Cross Track Symposia

  • Cross track symposisa focuses on interdisciplinary topics of broad interest and showcase transcendent science.
  • Three speakers present with a panel discussion at the end to encourage interaction with attendees. 
  • These 2-hour sessions provide an opportunity to collaborate across tracks, expand scientific knowledge and better understand new trends in the field of microbiology.

In Depth-Symposia

  • These 2-hour sessions address an important issue or research on a particular subject, with a diversity of knowledge and/or points of view presented by 2 speakers.
  • Corresponding oral abstract presentations (selected by the session convener from accepted abstracts in February 2022) are included in the session, along with Q&A.
  • Conveners are strongly encouraged to recruit abstracts for consideration for review and possible presentation in the meeting.

Track Hub

  • Track hubs are short, highly interactive sessions on a track-specific topic held in informal, open space hubs on the exhibit and poster hall floor with 1 speaker presenting for 45-minutes, including Q&A. 
  • This session format will not be offered in the hybrid meeting format.


If you have any questions or need assistance, contact asmmicrobemtgprogram@asmusa.org

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