Applied and Environmental Science

  • AES01

    Agricultural Systems Microbiology

  • AES02

    Food Systems & Food Fermentations Microbiology

  • AES03

    Engineered, Built and Urban Environments Microbiology

  • AES04

    Wastewater and Drinking Water Microbiology

  • AES05

    Industrial Microbiology: Bioproductions, Bioconversions and Fermentations

  • AES06

    Bioengineering: Synthetic Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Bioproducts, Biofuels & More

  • AES07

    Source Tracking: Non-clinical Microbial & AMR Detection and Monitoring

  • AES08

    Biotransformations: Bioremediation, Biodegradation, Biofouling and Biocorrosion

  • AES09

    Marine and Freshwater Microbiology

  • AES10

    Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial & Extreme Environments Microbiology

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