Host-Microbe Biology

  • HMB01

    Host Interactions of Human Pathogens Using Animal Model Systems

  • HMB02

    Basic Research of Pathogens in Human Systems

  • HMB03

    Microbial Pathogenesis of Non-human Hosts

  • HMB04

    Inflammation and Immunity

  • HMB05

    Cell Signaling Responses to Pathogens

  • HMB06

    Bacterial Toxins and Effectors in Eukaryotes and Inter Bacterial Competition

  • HMB07

    Invasion and Survival of Microbes in Host Cells

  • HMB08

    Microbiome Profiling

  • HMB09

    Microbiome Impact on Host Biology/Pathology

  • HMB10

    Eukaryotic Virus-Host Interaction

  • HMB11

    Phage-Host Interactions

  • HMB12

    Fitness and Virulence Regulatory Mechanisms

  • HMB13

    Surface Structures of Commensal and Pathogenic Microbes

  • HMB14

    Genetic and Physiological Adaptation to the Host

  • HMB15

    Polymicrobial Pathogenicity and Symbiosis

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