Clinical and Public Health Microbiology

The Clinical and Public Health Microbiology (CPHM) track provides laboratory directors, medical technologists, clinicians, infection preventionists and public health officials with the most up-to-date developments and cutting-edge findings in the field. The CPHM track delves into multiple infectious disease sub-disciplines, including novel diagnostic technology, susceptibility testing, clinical laboratory biosafety and biosecurity, antimicrobial and diagnostic stewardship, surveillance and epidemiology and “One health.”

  • CPHM01 - Administering the Clinical/Public Health Microbiology Laborator.
  • CPHM02 - Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing.
  • CPHM03 - Diagnostic Bacteriology.
  • CPHM04 - Diagnostic Immunology.
  • CPHM05 - Diagnostic Mycobacteriology.
  • CPHM06 - Diagnostic Mycology.
  • CPHM07 - Diagnostic Parasitology.
  • CPHM08 - Diagnostic Public Health Microbiology.
  • CPHM09 - Diagnostic Veterinary Microbiology.
  • CPHM10 - Diagnostic Virology.
  • CPHM11 - Laboratory Safety, Security and Biodefense.
  • CPHM12 - Molecular and Genome Sequencing for Diagnostics and AMR Detection.
  • CPHM13 - Laboratory Informatics.
  • CPHM14 - Practical Tools for Bench Technologists.
  • CPHM15 - One Health Practices and its Impact.