Host-Microbe Biology

The Host Microbe Biology (HMB) track explores pathogenic and symbiotic relationships between microbes and their hosts, as well as the microbiome, and is the place for scientists studying genetics, physiology and virulence of microbes at the basic science level to get the latest insights on mechanisms that shape host-microbe relationships.

  • HMB01 - Host Microbe Interactions using Non-Vertebrate Model Systems.
  • HMB02 - Host-Microbe Interactions using Vertebrate (non-human) Model Systems.
  • HMB03 - Host-Microbe Interactions with Human as the Host.
  • HMB04 - Inflammation and Immunity.
  • HMB05 - Cell Signaling Responses to Pathogens.
  • HMB06 - Bacterial Toxins and Effectors in Eukaryotes and Inter Bacterial Competition.
  • HMB07 - nvasion and Survival of Microbes in Host Cells.
  • HMB08 - Microbiome Profiling.
  • HMB09 - Microbiome Impact on Host Biology/Pathology.
  • HMB10 - Eukaryotic Virus-Host Interaction.
  • HMB11 - Phage-Host Interactions.
  • HMB12 - Fitness and Virulence Regulatory Mechanisms.
  • HMB13 - Surface Structures of Commensal and Pathogenic Microbes.
  • HMB14 - Genetic and Physiological Adaptation to the Host.
  • HMB15 - Polymicrobial Pathogenicity and Symbiosis.
  • HMB16 - Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Vaccines (Basic Science Stage).