ASM Microbe

ASM Microbe connects you to a global network of scientists, researchers and health care professionals. Whether it’s presenting your research to peers and luminaries in your field, or accessing the latest science and novel techniques in your area or related discipline, ASM Microbe is the premier forum to share knowledge and collaborate across the full spectrum of microbiology. Take advantage of the meeting’s interactive learning formats to build a customized experience across 8 scientific tracks.

ASM Microbe Online

ASM Microbe Online brings you the dynamic, cutting-edge science from ASM Microbe 2020 to the comfort of your home. Explore research from your peers with ePosters, hear from experts in the field during live keynotes and access track-related content with a curated selection of on-demand sessions.
Tune In Now
Read the ASM Microbe 2021 COVID-19 statement.

Future ASM Microbe Dates

Plan ahead to make sure you don't miss an ASM Microbe meeting!

ASM Microbe 2022 | June 9–13, 2022 • Washington, D.C.
ASM Microbe 2023 | June 15–19, 2023 • Houston, Texas 
ASM Microbe 2024 | June 13–17, 2024 • Atlanta, Ga.
ASM Microbe 2025 | June 19–23, 2025 • Los Angeles, Calif.