Abstract Submission is Open

Share your innovative research and recent discoveries at this premier meeting for biomedical scientists, physicians and laboratorians. Get your science in front of experts and peers in the clinical microbiology community and submit your latest findings! 

Abstract submission deadline: Feb. 1, 2022, 12 p.m. EST

Case Study Submission

The 2022 ASM CVS also features case studies from participants. All participants are encouraged to submit case studies, although first preference will be given to medical technologists and trainees (e.g., students, fellows in CPEP microbiology programs, pathology residents, infectious disease fellows) as an opportunity for them to receive some support to attend the meeting. 

The Case Studies Faculty will select up to 3 submitted cases for presentation. Submitters of accepted case studies will receive a refund of their Clinical Virology Symposium registration fee. The decision of the faculty is final, and is not subject to appeal.

Submitted cases must meet HIPPA requirements, including the removal of identifying information. For consideration for the clinical case studies, please complete the application and upload your PowerPoint presentation. 

Case Study submission deadline: Feb. 1, 2022, 12 p.m. EST

Travel Award

Travel awards are available for students, postdoctoral fellows and technologists with accepted abstracts to help offset the cost of attending the meeting. Abstract submitters may need to obtain additional funding from other resources.

Six travel awards are offered to eligible recipients:

  • PASCV ($2,000)
  • Dr. Mario Escobar ($1,500)
  • Dr. Herman Friedman ($1,500)
  • Dr. Edith Hsuing ($1,500)
  • Dr. Edwin Lenette ($1,500)
  • Dr. Marilyn A. Menegus ($1,000)

What You Need to Submit Your Abstract

  1. Abstract Title: Please use a short and concise title that indicates the content of the abstract. (Note: The title is not included in the total character count of 2200).
  2. Abstract Body Text: Your abstract may have up to 2200 characters, which does not include title, authors, groups and affiliations. Tables and graphics (maximum of 500 characters) are included in the character count. Spaces are not counted. Do not include abstract title, authors or keywords in abstract text. Abstract text may be submitted using either of the following methods: Copy/paste, direct entry keystrokes or file upload. Your abstract may be written without the use of the following bolded headers (Background, Methods, Results, Conclusion). However, follow the abstract guidelines to ensure all required information about your study is provided in your abstract.
  3. Author(s) Information: Author(s)'s name(s), institution(s), location(s), title(s).
  4. Identify Track: For purposes of review and programming, abstracts are divided into Tracks. Selection of the most appropriate Track is important, as it determines who reviews your abstract. The ASM CVS Review Committee reserves the right to reassign your abstract to a more appropriate Track.
For detailed information and step-by-step instructions on how to submit your abstract, please visit the abstract submission site. 

If you need technical support and have any questions regarding use of the abstract submission site, please contact technical support at asm@support.ctimeetingtech.com.

Additional Submission Information


Abstract disposition notices will be made available via email notification to presenting authors by Feb 9, 2022. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to inform all co-authors of disposition status and accepted abstract scheduling information.

Withdrawals and Penalties

If an abstract must be withdrawn, the author must send a letter of explanation to ASM at clinicalvirology@asmusa.org. If an accepted abstract is published prior to 2022 ASM Clinical Virology Symposium, the authors must agree to withdraw the abstract. Withdrawals of abstracts made after March 30, 2022 can be subject to a penalty as described below.


Persons who submit abstracts should consider them official communication to the conference. The following cases can incur a penalty, prohibiting the author from presenting papers at ASM meetings and conferences for up to 3 years. A letter will be mailed to individuals being subject to this penalty. Those who wish to dispute the penalty must write a letter to the Clinical Virology Symposium Program Committee and send it to the attention of the ASM team at clinicalvirology@asmusa.org. A response letter will be sent to the presenting author once the committee has considered and acted on your exception request.