Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

Eligibility to Exhibit The 2020 ASM CVS exhibits are an integral part of the meeting program.  Products and services to be exhibited must be directly related to the conduct of science or medicine.  American Society for Microbiology (ASM) reserves the right to accept or reject at its sole discretion any application and determine the eligibility of any proposed exhibit.  All exhibits will be assigned by ASM and will be located in the designated 2020 ASM CVS Exhibit Hall.  No company or their representatives may display, demonstrate, or distribute their products and/or services in any location other than their designated exhibit space(s). Displaying promotional or advertisements, the distribution of printed materials, and the solicitation of orders outside of your exhibit space is strictly prohibited. These rules apply to all organizations, their vendors, contractors, staff and agents in attendance at the 2020 ASM CVS.  
Agreement to Terms, Conditions and Rules The Exhibitor agrees to observe and abide by the Terms, Conditions and Rules set forth hereafter and by such additional Terms, Conditions and Rules made by the ASM for efficient or safe operation of the 2020 ASM CVS, including, but not limited to, those contained in the printed and online Exhibitor Prospectus, the Exhibitor Service Manual, and any correspondence from ASM or its agent(s).  The exhibiting company will be held responsible for the activities of its employees and any agents on its behalf.  It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to disseminate all the rules and regulations among its staff and affiliates.  Each exhibitor shall be responsible for compliance with “Americans with Disabilities Act” with regard to their booth space.  If an exhibitor does not abide by the Rules and Regulations established by ASM Exhibits Management, the Exhibitor shall forfeit the amount paid for exhibit space and will be excluded from participation on the exhibit floor. 
Indemnification The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ASM, its officers, directors, agents, employees and members, and the Palm Beach County Convention Center (both referred to as “INDEMNIFIED PARTIES”) from and  against any and all claims, demands, suits,  liability,  damages,  loss,  costs,  attorneys’ fees and expenses of whatever kind  or  nature, which result from, arise out of, or are connected with  any acts, or  failures to act, or negligence of  the Exhibitor, or any of  its officers, agents, employees, invitees or  other representatives, including, but  not limited to, claims of  damage or loss resulting from the breach of  these Terms, Conditions and Rules, or damage of any kind or nature arising out of or in connection with the Exhibitor’s use and/or occupancy of exhibit space, and claims of damage or  loss to  any third party resulting from any infringement of  a  copyright or  patent or  the unauthorized  use  of  a  registered trademark. The Exhibitor further agrees that INDEMNIFIED PARTIES shall not be held liable for, and are released from liability for, any damage, loss, theft, harm or injury to the person or property of the Exhibitor or any of its officers, agents, employees or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, water, accident or any other cause.  The Exhibitor is responsible and accountable for the actions of its staff and any appointed contractor or vendor. 
Exhibitor Conduct The Exhibitor and its representatives shall not congregate or solicit trade in the aisles of the Exhibit Halls, other Exhibitor’s exhibit space or in any other areas of the show building. The Exhibitor shall not engage in any action or campaign that will distract attendees from attendance at the show or Scientific Sessions. The Exhibitor shall not enter into another exhibitor’s exhibit space without invitation or when unattended. Neither the Exhibitor nor any of its   representatives   shall conduct itself in a manner offensive to standards of decency or good taste. Representatives, models, employees, contractors, and agents of exhibitors must be attired in an appropriate business or business casual fashion to maintain the professional atmosphere of the Show. ASM reserves the right to retract or evict exhibitors for poor conduct, as stated above.  
Any dispute between Exhibitors, or any issue with respect to interpretation of these Terms, Conditions and Rules for Exhibitor Conduct or any subsequent ASM rules or policies established governing exhibiting at the Show, shall be brought promptly to the attention of the onsite ASM Exhibits Staff, or authorized ASM official, whose decision regarding the dispute shall be final and binding on all parties. 
All exhibitors, their staff and vendors are required to follow and abide by ASM’s Events Code of Conduct.

For detailed list of Rules and Regulations Download the PDF below.