What is the ASM Future Leaders Mentoring Fellowship?

2021 FMLF Cohorts
The ASM Future Leaders Mentoring Fellowship is designed to support master's and doctoral graduate students from underrepresented groups, who demonstrate an interest in the microbial sciences, seek mentorship in navigating their educational and career trajectories and leadership development. Microbiology sectors include, but are not limited to, academia, industry, government, nonprofit and entrepreneurship. 

How to Apply

The Program Objectives Are To:

  • Create a robust community of scientists actively engaged in mentoring and networking.
  • Provide trainees with resources that strengthen competencies for scientific development and career planning.
  • Provide mentors with resources to coach the next generation scientists to become innovative lifelong learners.
  • Develop future leaders within the microbial sciences.

Program Details

1st Year (Mentorship: Professional Development and Career Exploration)

Students will be matched with a team of mentors and participate in skillset training, structured mentoring, community building and networking activities at the ASM FLMF Symposium, ASM Microbe (contingent upon abstract acceptance) and through year-round programming.

During ASM Microbe

Additionally, students whose abstract is accepted to the ASM Microbe will attend ASM Future Leaders Mentoring Fellowship symposium (during ASM Microbe) focused on skillset training for their professional journey.

Topics to include, but not limited to:
  • Networking and building collaborations.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Implementing and belonging in diverse environments.
  • Career exploration.
  • Time management and goal setting.
  • Leadership development.
The mentors and students will also attend:
  • Two organized luncheon meetings.
  • Structured activities with ASM Leadership and mentors.
  • ASM Education Committee Networking Reception.

After ASM Microbe​

The students and mentors will check-in quarterly with scheduled programming. Mentors and students will be invited to participate in the ASMConnect community-building tool to serve in peer-to-peer and group mentoring. 

2nd Year (Mentorship: Leadership Training)

Students will participate in leadership training and development and will be encouraged to participate in leadership roles via their local ASM student chapters.

Selected students will become peer mentors at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists (ABRCMS) to students in the microbiology discipline and serve as ABRCMS session moderators.

Optional 3rd Year (Leadership Opportunities)
Selected students will be invited to serve as: 
  • An ASM mentoring ambassador to incoming cohorts.
  • A speaker/facilitator at the FLMF Symposium. 
  • A judge/speaker at ABRCMS Conference. 
  • An ad hoc committee member and/or panelist.


Student Eligibility
Students must meet the following criteria:
  • Be an ASM member.
  • Be a master's and/or doctoral graduate student.
  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, DACA eligible or international student.
  • Be from an underrepresented group (e.g. racial and ethnic backgrounds, individuals with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds). 
  • Demonstrate an interest in the microbial sciences and seek mentorship in navigating their career trajectory.
  • Commit to a 2-year collaboration with mentoring relationships of current and incoming cohorts.
Student applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation at ASM Microbe. Funding will only be provided to individuals who have an accepted abstract to present at ASM Microbe. 

We encourage all international students, who wish to attend ASM Microbe to apply early for visa-status (if applicable). Please know that the FLMF will not incur the cost of visa applications.

Mentor Eligibility
Mentors must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a postdoctoral scientist, research scientist, faculty or administrator in any employment sector (e.g. government, industry, entrepreneurship, science policy, consulting, nonprofit, etc.). 
  • Be U.S. citizen, permanent resident or international mentor.
  • Demonstrate strong mentoring record. 
  • Commit to a 2-year collaboration with mentoring relationships of current and incoming cohorts. 


2021 FMLF cohort at Microbe 2021
The application for the 2023 cohort and award packages are listed below. After submitting your application, we will review and send disposition letters mid-April. 
Student Award Package

Each Fellow (student only) will receive:  

  • Leadership training and opportunities within ASM and beyond. 
  • A waiver for your 2nd year of ASM membership. Fellows are responsible for membership dues thereafter.
  • Complimentary registration to participate in ASM Microbe the year the award is given.
    • Registration is contingent upon abstract acceptance.
  • Complimentary lodging to participate in ASM Microbe the year the award is given.
    • Lodging is contingent upon abstract acceptance.
  • Up to $1000 stipend to cover travel costs and other out of pocket expenses for ASM Microbe the year the award is given. 
    • Stipend amounts are contingent upon abstract acceptance and varies upon fellow’s location.
  • Year-round mentoring by mentor matching with experts in various career sectors in microbiology.
  • Year-round educational, research, and career advice.
  • Skills-building practices and techniques on how to increase confidence in scientific and professional settings.
  • Access to a community of scientific professionals in the microbial sciences.
  • Access to form collaborations amongst peer groups and scientific experts.
Mentor Award Package

Each mentor will receive opportunities to:

  • ​Network with graduate students globally and build mentoring portfolio.
  • Reinforce practices to help the development of the FLMF community.
  • Enhance leadership development, mentoring skills, and serve as a trusted ally.
  • Create a safe space for mentors and fellows to collaborate, formulate innovative ideas and gain insights/perspectives to promote student success.

Student Application Mentor Application

Deadline: Friday, March 10, 11:59 p.m. PT
Disposition Letters Sent: April 15


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