FLMF Fellow Information & Eligibility

Oct. 9, 2023

Receive Personalized Guidance and Coaching from Experienced Microbial Scientists

FLMF 2023 Roundtable
Source: American Society of Microbiology
Do you have professional development goals for 2025, but are not sure where to start? A mentor can help. Research shows that having multiple mentors can greatly impact your academic and professional success—providing the tools and skills you need to grow your career.

As an ASM Future Leaders Mentorship Fellowship (FLMF) Fellow, you’ll participate in a robust 2-year experience, where you will be matched with a team of ASM mentors for formal and informal experiences that will help you develop new skills, including leadership and professional development, forming collaborations, goal setting, self-evaluation, career exploration and more.

Important Dates:

  • Application Opens: Nov. 1, 2024.
  • Application Deadline: Feb. 17, 2025, 11:59 a.m. ET.
  • Disposition Letters: March 5, 2025.

Further Fellow Details

Fellow Benefits
  • Expert mentorship: Receive year-round guidance, including educational, research and career advice from professionals in various microbiology sectors.
  • Skill development: Acquire tools and techniques to enhance your confidence in scientific and professional settings.
  • Leadership training: Hone your leadership skills with exclusive ASM opportunities.
  • Professional network: Gain access to a community of scientific professionals in the microbial sciences.
  • Collaborative opportunities: Form collaborations amongst peer groups and scientific experts.
  • Membership waiver: Enjoy an ASM membership waiver during your second year in the FLMF program.

Fellow Roles & Responsibilities

What to Expect Year 1: Mentorship (Professional Development & Career Exploration)

  • Be assigned to a mentoring group based on geographic location.
  • Participate in group and 1:1 structured mentoring.
  • Participate in professional development and career training sessions hosted by ASM mentors and external partners.

What to Expect Year 2: Mentorship (Career & Leadership Training)

  • Engage in LinkedIn Learning curated content.
  • Participate in the LinkedIn Learning platform to develop leadership, professional development and career skills.
  • Continue to convene with the assigned mentoring group.
  • Continue to participate in group and 1:1 structured mentoring.
  • Participate in leadership and career training sessions hosted by ASM mentors and external partners.

What to Expect After the Fellowship:

  • Engage in leadership roles and opportunities within and outside of ASM.
  • Connect with ASM student local chapters and scientific communities.

Fellow Eligibility

Fellows must meet the following criteria when applying for the ASM FLMF Program:

  1. Be an ASM member (2025 membership year). A membership number is required during the application process. Please allow 24 hours for new memberships before applying.
  2. Be a master's and/or doctoral graduate student.
  3. Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, DACA eligible or international student.
  4. Be from an historically-excluded group (e.g., racial and ethnic backgrounds, individuals with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds).
  5. Demonstrate an interest in microbial sciences and seek mentorship in navigating their career trajectory.
  6. Commit to a 2-year collaboration with mentoring relationships of current and incoming cohorts.

Visa Information

International applicants interested in attending ASM Microbe 2025 are encouraged to apply early for visa status (if applicable). ASM staff are unable to reach out to consulates on applicants’ behalf. Disposition letters will be emailed by March 5, 2025, and will contain all the necessary information needed to apply for visa status. The ASM FLMF program does not cover the cost of visa applications.