Indo-US Teaching & Research Professorships

Indo-US Professorships seek to broaden scientific collaboration between India and the United States through travel grants that support research and teaching partnerships for early-, mid- and advanced-career microbiologists.

The application must be made jointly between a hosting institution and the visiting professor.

Annual Deadline: December 15 for projects proposed for March 1 – December 31 of the following year.

Program Details

Teaching Professorships provide microbiologists in India and the United States with an opportunity to visit institutions in the other country to teach an interactive short course on a topic in any of the microbiological disciplines.

  • Courses must serve a minimum of 20 students/faculty
  • Courses should include a hands-on component, such as a wet lab or other practical activity
  • Academic and research institutions in both countries serve as hosts for courses offered by providing classrooms, laboratory space, and other logistical needs

Course Duration: 1-2 Weeks

Research Professorships provide support to microbiologists in India and the United States to conduct a novel research project in partnership with colleague(s) at a research facility in the other country.

Professorship funding is intended to facilitate new research collaborations. Proposals to support pre-existing collaborations or partnerships will not be considered.

Minimum visit: 6 Weeks


The Visiting Teaching Professor must be:
  • Scientifically recognized in his/her area of microbiological expertise as demonstrated through courses taught, awards, publications, etc.
  • Actively engaged in teaching at the post-secondary level at an accredited university
  • Committed to international collaborations and partnerships
  • A citizen of either the United States or India
The Visiting Research Professor must be:
  • Actively involved in research in the microbiological sciences (broadly defined)
  • A citizen of either the United States or India
  • Please note: Preference will be given to early career scientists who have obtained a PhD, or other equivalent academic degree, within the past 10 years
The Host Institution must be an accredited institution that has graduate students who are enrolled in a masters, doctoral or equivalent program and/or have post-doctoral fellows, residents,or teaching faculty.


Applications should be submitted online directlty to ASM by December 15. Applicants will be notified by February 1 and professorships should be scheduled between March 1-December 31. 

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Selection Criteria:
Applications will be reviewed on the strength of the following criteria:
Teaching Professorships
  • Demonstrate the need for the short course at the host institution
  • Feasibility of the short course to achieve the learning objectives
  • Potential impact of training regionally and/or nationally
  • Relevance of the course’s content to existing programs/curriculum at the host institution
  • Commitment to sustain and advance microbiological training in the future
  • Commitment to sustain and advance the microbiological sciences
Research Professorships
  • Academic excellence of the host scientist’s research experience and proposed training environment
  • Demonstrate intent to build a long-term institutional relationship
  • Quality and originality of proposed research
  • Relevance of the research to the applicant’s scientific community
  • Appropriateness of the approach or experimental design
  • Clearly stated objectives
  • Feasibility of achieving the objectives
Funds from the Indo-US Professorship Grant must be matched by the hosting institution. Matching funds may be in-kind contributions such as housing and board for the visiting professor, supplies, facilities, administrative support, etc.

Up to $2,500 may be used for supplies and equipment that are not available at the host institution.