Our Work

We live in a world where all health is global. We promote and advance the microbial sciences by enabling local, state and national governments to build and bolster their public health infrastructure. We seek to improve public health outcomes by supporting laboratory strengthening in resource-limited settings and empowering microbiology laboratories to integrate clinical care and population surveillance in remote and underserved areas.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where all populations have self-sustaining capacity to utilize evidence-based microbiology resources for healthcare. We focus on improving key areas of public health to establish sustainable, quality-assured diagnostics with a One Health approach and our programs to build laboratory capacity and workforce development

Our Impact

Microbial disease will remain a public health threat with local and global consequences until all countries are empowered to establish reliable laboratory systems. To address this challenge, ASM's Global Public Health Programs (GPHP) design and implement laboratory-strengthening initiatives in resource-limited settings. We train workers in microbial science and support labs to meet international standards.

Learn About ASM's Commitment to Global Health

Our Global Public Health Programs improve public health outcomes by empowering and integrating microbiology laboratories into clinical care and population surveillance.

Our Experts

With access to over 900 experts who can deploy to either local or remote destinations, depending on our funders' needs, we've developed a robust network of experts to support our work. 

These individuals are recognized as leaders in their fields, possessing expertise that encompasses a broad range of disciplines. Our experts also understand the unique cultures of each country with which we partner and are able to execute effective, efficient programming. Working in tandem with local officials, they:

  • Design and develop in-person training.

  • Lead virtual mentoring and training.

  • Facilitate internationally-recognized accreditation.

Together, we have developed an expansive global footprint that continues to grow.

GPHP Global Map
GPHP is building lab capacity around the world. Our reach extends to 20 countries, and counting.
20 countries, 408 laboratories, 12,917 professionals
From 2020-2022, our expert consultants facilitated training for thousands of professionals in hundreds of laboratories.

Laboratory Capacity

Equipping countries to respond to emerging pathogens.

Workforce Development

Attracting and retaining laboratory staff & supporting skills acquisition

One Health

Recognizing relationships between humans, animals and the environment.

Make a Difference—Get Involved

Infectious diseases remain a serious global challenge. As a trusted partner of donors and funders to bolster laboratories around the world, ASM’s GPHP continues its efforts to minimize threats from infectious diseases, making our global community a safer place to live.

Partners and Donors

We appreciate the support of funders who help support our mission to equip countries to minimize morbidity and mortality.

Won't you join us? Whether it's your donation, your agency's funding or your expertise as a consultant, your support is crucial to our work.

GPHP Consultants and Participants
GPHP consultants and participants invite you to be a part of our work!