ASM's Microbiology Mentoring Package

June 6, 2022

What is the Microbiology Mentoring Program?

ASM's Microbiology Mentoring Program provides a systematic and structured approach to guiding clinical microbiology technologists toward improving technical skills and laboratory quality management systems. Working with an experienced ASM mentor leads to enhanced reliability of results reported to improve patient care and increased confidence of clinical stakeholders in the work of the laboratory.  

In collaboration with institutions and funders, and under the guidance of an experienced ASM mentor, the program is tailorable to a laboratory's specific needs and context. ASM mentors also facilitate training-of-trainers programs, empowering the next generation of mentors to continue the work in their laboratories. 

Who benefits from participating in this program?

  • Clinical laboratory technologists who wish to deepen their understanding of microbiological procedures and techniques, develop standard operating procedures, establish in-house quality control programs and generally improve laboratory quality management.
  • Clinical laboratory managers with leadership roles.
  • Laboratories working towards internationally recognized accreditation.
  • Experienced and aspiring clinical laboratory mentors.

How does the program work?

The Microbiology Mentoring Program is suitable for long- or short-term mentoring and begins with a needs assesment. ASM experts work with participating laboratories to assess the quality of existing documents and procedures and develop customized goals and a workable plan for the mentorship. 

The Microbiology Mentoring Program package includes:
  • A comprehensive guide for planning a mentoring program, with assessment checklists and necessary document templates.
  • A bench mentoring plan for a short-term mentoring visit, including a list of needed supplies.
  • A comprehensive explanation of media and reagents, procedures, quality control requirements and process documentation for basic clinical microbiology laboratory operations.
  • Complete guide to quality management systems addressing all quality system essentials toward correcting and preventing errors and creating opportunities for continuous improvement. 

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