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ASM’s curriculum guidelines provide a set of concepts and example learning outcomes applicable to any undergraduate general microbiology course. The guidelines are not meant to be a mandate or an infringement upon academic freedom, but are curriculum recommendations. They can be used both as a benchmark for instructors currently teaching undergraduate microbiology and a guide for instructors developing new courses.

How to Implement the Curriculum Guidelines

The community-developed guidelines were written by educators for educators, over the course of five years. In addition to the guidelines themselves, ASM offers a variety of resources to help you implement them in your classroom. You can also engage with other users of the guidelines by joining our microedu listserv.

The Importance of Evidence-based Instructional Practices

ASM’s curriculum guidelines were written to be used in conjunction with evidence-based instructional practices such as student-centred classrooms, active learning and backwards course design. These teaching practices promote student learning for long-lasting and deep understanding. For the latest research in evidence-based educational practices in microbiology, see ASM’s Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education.

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