Celebrating the Achievements of Black Microbiologists

ASM celebrates the achievements and contributions of Black microbiologists to the field of microbiology. We believe that the various perspectives, experiences and backgrounds of our diverse membership enhance innovation, broaden the research agenda and further scientific advancement. 

Committing to Inclusive Diversity with Equity, Access and Accountability (IDEAA)

ASM recognizes that more must be done to elevate and advance inclusive diversity for Black scientists across the fields of STEM. We are committed to facilitating open dialogue and taking action to eradicate barriers to inclusive diversity in STEM, especially in the field of microbiology. Toward this goal, ASM is leading a NSF-funded project, MicroBio-LEAP, that will train leaders to embody inclusive diversity with equity, access and accountability (IDEAA) and promote sustained cultural change in the microbial sciences to make the field more welcoming of individuals belonging to historically excluded groups (HEGs).

MicroBio-LEAP is just one of the various activities dedicated to IDEAA in microbiology. We invite you to review the IDEAA Strategy, which outlines our plans to address gaps in diverse representation, equitable contribution and accessible opportunities for the broader microbial sciences community.

Featured Articles

We prioritize the creation of robust content that celebrates DEI achievements in the microbial sciences, elevates the voices of scientists from historically underrepresented groups and identifies and engages with the work that still needs to be done to ensure the field of microbiology promotes IDEAA.

Remembering a Legacy: Rev. Dr. A. Oveta Fuller

A. Oveta Fuller, Ph.D., distinguished virologist, science communicator, bioethicist and public health advocate, was a trailblazer who forged new paths for combining science and community outreach.

The Spirit of Juneteenth: The Freedom to Self-Determine

Learn about the significance of Juneteenth, the Emancipation Proclamation, Emancipation Park, land ownership and how Black scientists and historians embody Juneteenth’s spirit of self-determination.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Frederick D. Patterson

Frederick D. Patterson’s extraordinary contributions as a higher education and civil rights leader and intellectual giant continue to play a role in the lives of generations of microbiologists.

Featured Spotlights

Spotlight profile articles highlight the work and experiences of microbiologists from a diversity of backgrounds and identities in science. 

Embracing the Joy of Science: Spotlight on Paul Turner

Throughout his career, Paul Turner remembers to hold onto the joy and impact of science—a reminder that not only guides his own work, but also the students he mentors.

Community is Vital: Spotlight on Eva Davis

Eva Davis encourages fellow early-career scientists to stay true to themselves—even when it makes others uncomfortable—and, above all, to find their people.

Be Your Authentic Self in Science: Spotlight on Isola Brown

Isola Brown discusses the importance of bringing your authentic self to science and identifying the people in your life who can support you through moments of self-doubt.

Featured Journals Content

The ASM Journals Committee is committed to promoting the work of Black microbiologists and the issues that impact the Black community. Explore a compilation of peer-reviewed papers on advancing equity in the microbial sciences, the impacts of racial health disparities and more from ASM Journals.

mSphere of Influence: That’s Racist—COVID-19, Biological Determinism and the Limits of Hypotheses

Kishana Taylor works in the field of virology. In this mSphere of Influence article, she reflects on the personal impact of “Racial Health Disparities and COVID-19—Caution and Context” by Merlin Chowkwanyun and Adolph L. Reed, Jr.

Improving Student Attitudes and Academic Performance in Introductory Biology Using a Project-Based Learning Community

BioArt, a learning community, was formed between introductory biology and introduction to graphic design courses to improve the attitudes and academic performance of students in the biology course at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). The BioArt model incorporated a common theme, project-based learning, and opportunities for experiential learning.

Biographical Feature: William A. Hinton, M.D.

William Hinton, M.D., was a "brilliant scientist and educator" along with being a well-known clinical microbiologist. In 1997, ASM established the ASM William A. Hinton Award to commemorate his contributions to the field and to recognize outstanding contributions toward fostering the research training of scientists from historically underrepresented groups and increasing diversity in microbiology.

Featured Videos and Podcasts

mSystems Thinking Series: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Microbiology

Michael Johnson, Ph.D., participated in the 2022 mSystems Thinking webinar series, where he highlighted the National Summer Undergraduate Research Project (NSURP) and its critical importance to undergraduates, filling a need that was previously unidentified.

Black Scientists Discuss Representation in the Microbial Sciences

Microbiologists reflect on the importance of representation in the microbial sciences and offer advice for early-career scientists.

Featured Events

ASM CPHM Virtual Journal Club

Black Women Clinical Microbiologists in Historical and Contemporary Practice

Watch the February 2022 CPHM Virtual Journal Club session. In this webinar, subject-matter experts discuss 2 thought-provoking articles from ASM’s Journal of Clinical Microbiology® (JCM), as well as explore the stories and contributions of Black women clinical microbiologists in historical and contemporary practice. This webinar recording is free to members and non-members. ASM login is required.

ASM Proudly Sponsored Black In Micro Week 2023

ASM proudly sponsored Black In Micro Week 2023, Oct. 23-Oct. 26. #BlackinMicroWeek is a free, online conference organized by the Black Microbiologists Association (BMA). Last year’s programming features several networking opportunities and live sessions.

Minority Mixer at ASM Microbe 2022.

Minority Mixer at ASM Microbe 2022.

Source: American Society for Microbiology

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