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Author: Rebecca Buxton​
Citation: Rebecca Buxton. 2007.
Examination of gram stains of urine.​
Publication Date: February 2007​

Escherichia coli (Enlarged view)​
Slide 1. Escherichia coli​
This Gram stain shows neutrophils and numerous plump, gram-negative bacilli that vary little in size or shape.​

Proteus mirabilis (Enlarged view)​
Slide 2. Proteus mirabilis​
​These short to medium-long gram-negative bacilli look like typical enteric gram-negative bacteria; isolation of Proteus mirabilis confirmed that impression.​

Citrobacter diversus (Enlarged view)​
Slide 3. Citrobacter diversus​
​These short, slender gram-negative bacilli look like enteric bacteria. The culture grew Citrobacter diversus.​

Acinetobacter baumanii (Enlarged view)​
Slide 4. Acinetobacter baumanii​
​Some of the short, fat, pleomorphic gram-negative bacilli resemble cocci, others diplococci. The variety of shapes is typical of this organism, ​which can be confused with Neisseria species.​

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