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Figure shows a monolayer (~50% of plastic surface covered with cells) of HeLa cells with typical morphology under low magnification using phase-contrast microscopy (40X objective). Note the subconfluent monolayer of cells with the unoccupied surface and cell boundary and the condensed nuclear chromatin. ​

Methods ​
The phase-contrast microscopic images show the typical cellular morphology of HeLa cells grown in vitro in cell culture medium. The HeLa cells were cultivated at 37oC under 5% CO2 in Dulbecco modified Eagle medium containing 5% fetal calf serum.​​

Discussion ​
HeLa cells (1) are a human cervical cancer cell line used in research and industrial settings to investigate cell biology, cancer, and virus propagation. ​​

1. Gey, G. O., et al. 1952. Tissue culture studies of the proliferative capacity of cervical carcinoma and normal epithelium. Cancer Res. 12:264ֲ65. ​

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