Microcosm Fall 2022

In this issue of Microcosm, we explore the intersections between the spread of disease, climate change and human health. Check out the fall issue for articles about virus hunting, infection prevention, public health communication and more.

Letter From the Editor

Explore the Fall 2022 issue of Microcosm with Stanley Maloy, the magazine's editor in chief.

Hunting for the Next Pandemic Virus

Can scientists find animal viruses with pandemic-triggering potential before they find humans? While virus discovery efforts are important, they are only part of the zoonotic pandemic prevention puzzle.

Vaccines Before Outbreaks? Jumpstarting Infection Prevention

With the recent emergence and re-emergence of several pathogens, scientists are investigating how to jumpstart the process of creating a vaccine—even if they haven’t identified the pathogen yet.

Meet the Microbiologist: Outbreak Detection with Wun-Ju Shieh

Dr. Wun-Ju Shieh recounts his experiences conducting high-risk autopsies for the CDC on the frontlines of outbreaks including Ebola, H1N1 influenza, mpox and SARS-CoV-1 and 2, and identifies factors contributing to the (re)emergence and spread of pathogens.

The Rise and Fall of Infectious Diseases

Mutations and other biological factors play a role in disease emergence and (re)emergence, but they’re not the only culprits behind the waxing of infectious agents.

How Pathogens Survive and Thrive in a Changing Climate

As the climate changes, microbes must adapt to the "new normal," presenting opportunities for pathogens to increase their ranges and evolve in ways that influence their strength, seasonality and transmission.

Do's and Don'ts of Crisis Communications for Public Health

Crisis communications during an infectious disease outbreak relies on several key characteristics. Take a closer look at some of the challenges and solutions to implementing effective communication strategies.

What's Hot in the Microbial Sciences

From new insights into a mosquito's ability to "smell" dengue and Zika to geography's influence over fermented food flavor, read all about what's hot in the microbial sciences.

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San Diego State University

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