Microcosm Spring 2023: Microbes and Society

This issue of Microcosm focuses on topics that were at the heart of ASM Microbe 2023 (which was held in Houston, Texas in June, 2023): We explore the impact microbes have on our everyday lives and the potentially huge impact they could have on our future.

The Power of Microbial Sciences to Change the World

Microbes and society are so intricately interwoven that neither can be isolated from the other. If we are to advance in the post-COVID era, the deeper implications of this fact cannot be overlooked.

Climate Change Experts Tap Microbes to Protect the Planet

Climate change is a major threat to society. Microbes mediate many of the negative effects of climate change, offering solutions to rising greenhouse gas emissions and harmful environmental changes.

Antimicrobial Resistance: Facing Tomorrow's Problems, Today

Worldwide, the threat of antimicrobial resistance is responsible for millions of deaths annually. How are ASM members working to identify and address current challenges with novel approaches?

Friends and Foes: Microbial Interactions and Infection

The success of bacterial pathogens depends on interactions with other microbes in and on the host. Studying these interactions has important implications for infection prevention and treatment.

Advancing Clinical & Public Health Using Teams and Tech

Team science emphasizes collaboration among researchers from multiple disciplines. How can scientists come together to tackle the world's biggest health-related challenges?

Part of Our World: Microbial Biodiversity Drives Innovation

Many of the challenges that affect environmental sustainability and human health can be better addressed by developing microbial solutions that bolster plant, animal and environmental health.

Microbiology Professionals Impact All Facets of Society

Microbiology consists of subdisciplines that span the gamut of science and art, oftentimes intersecting, as the field's dedicated professionals work to elevate scientific discovery and benefit society.

What's Hot in the Microbial Sciences

From new perspectives on phage therapy to microbiome management in a changing climate, read about what’s hot in the microbial sciences.

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