Advance Your Community

Advance Your Community

Help shape the future of microbial sciences. Advocate for evidence-based policies at the local and national levels. Work with ASM to communicate science to the public.

Advocate for Policies Rooted in Science

When we speak together, our voices can make a significant impact on policies that affect the world at every level. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced how critical the work of ASM members is to the scientific community. We need your help to stand up for science by providing your time and expertise to educate policymakers.

Woman at podium at Women in Stem Caucus

Share Your Knowledge With Early-Career Scientists

The ASM Distinguished Lecturers (ASMDL) program has established a tradition of scientific excellence through its diverse roster of accomplished members. Esteemed lecturers deliver talks to ASM Branches throughout the U.S. and participate in career development and mentoring activities that benefit students, postdocs and early career scientists. 

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Support Microbiologists in Resource-Restricted Countries

Your ASM membership provides microbiologists in resource-restricted countries free membership and access to ASM’s scientific journals. Our Global Outreach membership program allows your peers to be part of our scientific community and access the latest scientific discoveries.

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Get Involved

ASM membership provides you with opportunities to advance the microbial community as a volunteer. Whether you are looking to be an abstract reviewer, write for, participate in a local science event, be a global health consultant or serve in a leadership position, ASM members can choose from a range of options.

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