Connect With Peers Locally

ASM Branches

ASM Branches provide opportunities to connect with your peers, participate in career and professional development activities and be involved in scientific programming in your communities. View the ASM Branch map of all 35 ASM Branches around the United States to find one near you.

ASM Student Chapters 

ASM Student and Postdoctoral chapters offer students and postdocs a head start on the path of career and professional development while still in training. Members are able to connect and engage with their peers while highlighting the study of microbiology on their university campus. View the ASM Student and Postdoctoral chapters map to find one near you.

ASM Ambassadors 

ASM Country Ambassadors and ASM Young Ambassadors are leaders in their communities who work closely with ASM to further its mission of promoting microbial sciences and connecting microbiologists on a global level. With more than 200 ambassadors in 109 countries worldwide, this program provides an opportunity for ASM members to respond to needs of their local scientific communities, facilitate networking and collaboration while strengthening ASM's global scientific community. 2021 ASM Country and ASM Young Ambassadors applications are now open. Deadline for submitting applications is October 15, 2020.

Become an ASM member and get involved in the program that best fits your needs.