Advance Your Network

Advance Your Network

Connect with more than 30,000 of your peers. ASM membership provides you with opportunities to expand your professional network and engage locally and globally.

Join the Conversation on ASM Connect

Collaborate and network with ASM leaders and members from around the globe on ASM’s member-exclusive online community platform—ASM Connect. This secure community allows members to meet microbial science experts, make new connections, pose questions, participate in discussions about the latest scientific research and so much more. The opportunities to connect with your peers are limitless. 

Screenshot of the ASM Connect portal, showing the network groups based on scientific tracks and special events.

Connect Locally

ASM Branches help you network with your local scientific community, participate in career and professional development activities and get involved in local scientific programming. View the ASM Branch map of all 35 ASM Branches around the U.S. to find one near you.

Branch meeting with a speaker giving a lecture.

Jumpstart Your Career

ASM student and postdoctoral chapters offer you the opportunity to network with peers and industry leaders, help you build leadership skills and connect you to new opportunities.

Chapters host events throughout the year such as career panels, visits to microbiology companies and judging science fairs to promote ASM's mission of advancing the microbial sciences. View the ASM student and postdoctoral chapters map to find one near you.

Early career ASM members at a meeting.

Become a Global Leader in Microbiology

Whether you are a senior or early-career scientist, the ASM Ambassadors program offers you a platform to become a leader in advancing microbial sciences. ASM Country Ambassadors and ASM Young Ambassadors span 109 countries and connect with ASM members across the globe. They respond to the needs of their local scientific communities, build relationships with key institutions and facilitate partnerships.