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Membership Levels

Wherever you are in your career, ASM is here to support you and help you advance. Learn more about ASM membership levels and choose one that best fits your needs.


Shape the future of microbiology by supporting ASM’s programs and mission. Receive a free subscription to an ASM review journal, premium savings on ASM meetings, webinars, courses, books and resources.

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Connect with medical laboratory professionals on ASM’s listservs, receive up to 12 hours of CE accredited webinars at $5 each, gain access to case studies, practice guidelines and more.


Experience the benefit of full membership including discounts on all ASM products, meetings, publishing fees and other resources.


Continue your professional development and receive discounts on ASM online education courses and meetings registration fees. Access ASM travel awards and grants.


Start your professional development while earning your degree. Gain access to ASM career center, member directory, educational webinars, discounts on ASM products and meetings.


Introductory membership that provides access to ASM's extensive online resources. This membership does not qualify for discounts on meetings registration fees.


Membership at no cost for those who are fully retired and have 20 years of consecutive membership. Contact to apply.

Global Outreach

Provides scientists from resource-constrained countries with membership and subscription to online ASM journals at no cost. *

* View a list of current Global Outreach countries.
ASM membership runs on a calendar year basis and expires on December 31, 2023.

Are you experiencing financial hardship?

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to afford membership fees for 2023, your ASM community is here to continue to support you and your science. ASM offers a one-time membership fee waiver for members experiencing financial hardship. Please contact us at  or (202) 942-9319 for information.

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