Episode Summary

Mouse gut microbes, from mice or from human donors, can protect mice against arsenic toxicity! 

Microbe of the episode

Streptomyces griseus 

Jesse's takeaways

Our gut microbes benefit us in many ways, including nutritionally—by producing vitamins and helping to digest food—and by helping us in defense against pathogens and other immunological threats.

Many things we do can affect our gut microbes too, positively or negatively. What we eat, toxins we encounter, and other aspects of lifestyle can damage our microbial communities.

In this study, we see that the reverse could be true, that gut microbes, and specifically one called Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, can protect their host against toxins such as arsenic.

News discussed

Gut microbiome protects against acute arsenic toxicity

Journal Paper

Coryell M, McAlpine M, Pinkham NV, McDermott TR, Walk ST. 2018. The gut microbiome is required for full protection against acute arsenic toxicity in mouse models. Nat Commun 9:5424. 

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