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Dickson, Daniel and Vincent solve the case of the Middle Aged Woman with Loss of Vision in One Eye, and discuss the role of heme oxygenase in the various protozoan infections.


Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier and Daniel Griffin.

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Case Study for TWiP 187

Pregnant newly married, living North Shore, first pregnancy. Affluent family, measured successful lawyer who cooks. Organic eating. Boy born at 9 mo, has midwife, has delivery at home. Baby has enlarged head. OB diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Mother healthy. No meds. Works in retail store, lives with husband, not working for second half of pregnancy. Drank alcohol rarely. No significant travel. Patient reports having no pets but her brother owns small farm, and husband likes serving rare meats, all kinds, which she has eaten since she married him. Will do ultrasound, CT, blood work. 

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Music by Ronald Jenkees.