ASM Journals Now Accepting Submissions in Any Format

May 22, 2018

Washington, D.C. – May 22, 2018 – The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) recently announced that ASM Journals are now accepting initial submissions in any format to ease the submission process for authors.

“ASM is determined not to have unnecessary administrative burden be in the way of rapid publication of good science. Re-formatting manuscripts has long been a pain point for many authors and ASM has now removed that barrier to submission, to further place authors at the center of the publishing process.” -Stefano Bertuzzi, CEO, ASM

The mission of the ASM Journals program is to advance the microbiological sciences through the pursuit of scientific knowledge and dissemination of the results of fundamental and applied research. With ASM Journals now accepting submissions in any format, ASM is furthering its commitment to authors to make the submission process less burdensome and more quickly disseminate research to the global scientific community through its high-quality journals.

Prior to launching this initiative across the ASM Journals program, a pilot was initiated with ASM’s Journal of Virology. The journal announced that it would accept manuscript submissions in any format (including figures, tables and references) to its community in October 2017. ASM editors and reviewers reported that this did not produce any inefficiencies for the peer-review process and the news was embraced by the author community, the pilot was deemed successful and effective May, 1, 2018 all journals began to accept format neutral submission.

“ASM Journals are continually striving to improve the author experience. Accepting submissions in any format is one of many improvements we are making toward that goal.”
--Pat Schloss, Chair, Journals Board, ASM

ASM keeps its authors up-to-date about its publishing advancements to enhance their author, reviewer and submitter experience. See some other recent announcements from the ASM Journals Program:

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