ASM to Launch New Journal, Microbiology Spectrum, Committed to Open Science

Nov. 17, 2020

Open-Access Journal, Microbiology Spectrum, will publish technically sound research studies in all areas of microbial sciences

Washington, DC – November 17, 2020 – The American Society for Microbiology will launch a new journal in Spring 2021, Microbiology Spectrum, ASM’s sixth fully open-access journal. Led by an international team of scientists actively engaged in microbiology research, Microbiology Spectrum will welcome technically sound research from all domains of basic, applied and clinical microbiology.

Microbiology Spectrum will publish research studies that are of high technical quality and are useful to the community, rather than making subjective evaluations of potential impact. The diverse editorial board will peer review and publish all original research studies that meet ASM’s high standards of scientific and methodological rigor. The journal will provide authors with fair, rapid and rigorous peer review.

Microbiology Spectrum’s editorial team is committed not just to open-access, but to open science. The journal will welcome manuscripts posted on preprint servers, will allow authors to publish their peer review records and will support authors in linking raw data to their published papers.

In addition to reporting discoveries that advance our collective understanding of microbial life, the editorial board of Microbiology Spectrum will welcome:
•         Replication studies that are useful to the field
•         Findings that are of primary interest to smaller sub-fields within microbiology.
•         Technically robust datasets that contradict published findings
•         Negative results of interest to microbiologists
•         Descriptive datasets that would serve as a community resource
•         Methodological advances and detailed experimental protocols that are of interest to microbiologists
•         Reanalysis of large datasets that provide additional insights
•         Experimental validation screening hits from previous reports
The scope of Microbiology Spectrum will include: Applied and Environmental Science, Clinical Science and Epidemiology, Ecological and Evolutionary Science, Host-Microbe Biology, Molecular Biology and Physiology, Synthetic Biology, and Therapeutics and Prevention.
In addition to considering direct submissions, Microbiology Spectrum will also offer seamless transfers of submissions from other ASM journals. Learn more about Microbiology Spectrum here


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