ASM Announces New President-Elect and Leadership

Dec. 20, 2022

Washington, D.C.—Dec. 20, 2022— A new President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and members of the ASM Board of Directors and the Council on Microbial Sciences have been elected to ASM leadership. Terms of all new members of ASM’s leadership will begin on July 1, 2023. 


Headshot of President-Elect Theresa Koehler
Theresa Koehler
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 
McGovern Medical School, Univ. of Texas - Houston 


Headshot of Robin Patel
Robin Patel 
Elizabeth P. and Robert E. Allen Professor of Individualized Medicine 
Director, Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory 
Mayo Clinic 


Headshot of Victor DiRita
Victor DiRita 
Rudolph Hugh Endowed Chair in Microbial Pathogenesis 
Chairman, Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics 
Michigan State University 

Board of Directors: 
The ASM Board of Directors provides strategic direction to the society. It brings ASM’s mission to life and handles all legal, financial and governance matters. 
At-Large Director

Headshot of Michael Gilmore
Michael Gilmore
Chief Scientific Officer 
Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Massachusetts General Brigham


At-Large Director 

Headshot of Christina Kellogg
Christina Kellogg 
Research microbiologist
U.S. Geological Survey 

Council on Microbial Sciences: 
ASM’s Council on Microbial Sciences (COMS) is a new, dynamic governance structure representing the entire Society as we promote and advance the microbial sciences. It is the key connection between ASM’s members and ASM’s leaders. 

At-Large Councilor 

Headshot of Lindsey Price Burbank
Lindsey Burbank 
Research Scientist 
USDA Agricultural Research Service 

At-Large Councilor 
Headshot of Brian Conlon
Brian Conlon
Associate Professor 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


At-Large Councilor 

Headshot of Amy Mathers
Amy Mathers
Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology 
University of Virginia, Charlottesville 

At-Large Councilor

Headshot of Shannon McQuaig Ulrich
Shannon McQuaig Ulrich 
St. Petersburg College 


Vice Chair 

Headshot of Heidi Kaplan
Heidi Kaplan 
Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 

COMS-Elected Board Director 

Headshot of Vaughn Cooper
Vaughn Cooper 
Professor, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 
The University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine

COMS-Elected Board Director 

Headshot of Vincent Young
Vincent Young 
William Henry Fitzbutler Collegiate Professor in Internal Medicine 
University of Michigan Medical School

To learn more about ASM’s new leaders and read their candidate statements, visit the ASM Elections page.   


The American Society for Microbiology is one of the largest professional societies dedicated to the life sciences and is composed of 30,000 scientists and health practitioners. ASM's mission is to promote and advance the microbial sciences.

ASM advances the microbial sciences through conferences, publications, certifications, educational opportunities and advocacy efforts. It enhances laboratory capacity around the globe through training and resources. It provides a network for scientists in academia, industry and clinical settings. Additionally, ASM promotes a deeper understanding of the microbial sciences to diverse audiences.

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