ASM Microbe 2023 Takes Houston, TX

April 5, 2023

Washington, DC – ASM Microbe, the flagship annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, will take Houston, TX, on June 15-19, 2023 for the largest microbial sciences gathering in the world. ASM is excited to welcome attendees, both in-person and virtually, for a meeting that will drive discovery, innovation and collaboration across the full spectrum of microbiology.

Andy Weir, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Martian and Project Hail Mary, will be interviewed by NASA Scientist and Astronaut Kate Rubins at the “Microbes in Space” lecture. Weir joins ASM as the first lecturer in the brand-new "Science and Society" series, designed to inspire future scientific thought leaders to change the world and to highlight connections between basic science and the role of microbes in climate change, food production, agriculture, biotechnology and more.

Edward Holmes, world-renowned "Virus Hunter" and a key virologist at the heart of the COVID-19 origins debate, and John Nkengasong, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Special Representative for Health Diplomacy, will take the stage with ASM President Colleen Kraft. During the ASM President’s Forum, they will embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and explore the incredible potential for collaboration between scientists, practitioners, governments and society at large in the fight against infectious diseases. 

In addition to ASM Microbe’s 8 core tracks, the 2023 meeting will feature a special Climate Change Guest Track to address issues at the intersection between climate change and microbiology (CCM). The guest track will highlight microbe-driven innovations to address climate change and will facilitate discussions and collaborations supporting the quest to find effective solutions and inform policies to address climate change.

Explore the scientific program ahead of the meeting and plan your schedule. Be sure to check out the Hot Topic Sessions, created by the ASM Microbe Track Chairs, among other curated itineraries, based on your interests. 

Delve into the hottest topics in microbiology and experience ASM Microbe’s cutting-edge scientific program by registering for a press pass today. Contact ASM’s Public Relations Manager Joanna Urban at to be added to the press list. Reporters can attend and cover ASM Microbe in person or via our virtual press room. 


The American Society for Microbiology is one of the largest professional societies dedicated to the life sciences and is composed of 30,000 scientists and health practitioners. ASM's mission is to promote and advance the microbial sciences.

ASM advances the microbial sciences through conferences, publications, certifications, educational opportunities and advocacy efforts. It enhances laboratory capacity around the globe through training and resources. It provides a network for scientists in academia, industry and clinical settings. Additionally, ASM promotes a deeper understanding of the microbial sciences to diverse audiences.

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