New Book Highlights Tales of Extraordinary Female Scientists

Aug. 9, 2018

Washington, DC - August 9, 2018 - Women in Microbiology, a new collection of stories about extraordinary female scientists, is now available from ASM Press. The collection profiles influential microbiologists through the eyes of their former students and trainees, highlighting their remarkable scientific achievements and their contributions to mentoring the next generation of scientists.

This unique collection of stories provides new insight into familiar figures and introduces some who may be lesser known. In addition to their historic contributions to science, the stories share the personal struggles and triumphs of these trailblazing women.

Editors Rachel Whitaker and Hazel Barton assembled an eclectic – but by no means comprehensive – group of women including historic figures like Alice Catherine Evans and Beatrix Potter to modern heroes like Marian Johnson-Thompson and Mimi Goldschmidt.

“The inspirational stories of these women are as variable as their science,” says Barton, “there are those who inspired through a meticulous approach to science, others who demonstrated that it is possible to juggle innovative science with a family, others who were hell raisers, and those who nourished the creative talents of their students and helped them reach their full potential.”

These diverse tales of persistence, integrity, and imagination in the face of overwhelming odds will inspire everyone to continue striving for an atmosphere where people are judged by their intellect, imagination, skill, and commitment to science regardless of gender or race.

“As I read these stories, I at times laughed out loud. I find myself motivated by the many different pursuits of these women. I am surprised at the barriers and misunderstandings that women scientists continue to face but I am also inspired by the diversity of ways strong women respond to them with humor and persistence,” says Whitaker.

The late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, who authored the Foreword to the book, was a champion for science and women’s rights as the only microbiologist in Congress. “My hope is that this book will be broad-reaching, extending its inspiring stories to both men and women in the field of microbiology, and beyond. Microbiology is an area that touches all life as we know it, and I hope these stories touch your life in a very special way,” said Slaughter

Women in Microbiology can be purchased through ASM Press for $40.00.

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