The individuals below have served as instructors for the "Science Communication for Microbiologists" course.

Adam Katz head shot

Adam Katz

Christina Kackos headshot

Christina Kackos

Jillian Socea headshot

Jillian Socea

Lauren Gabel headshot

Lauren Gabel

Alfonso Lopez head shot

Alfonso Lopez

Ivelisse Irizarry headshot

Ivelisse Irizarry

Joanna Urban headshot

Joanna Urban

Mark Chee head shot

Mark Chee

Allie Smith head shot

Allie Smith

Janet Hart headshot

Janet Hart

Joe James

Joe James

Tiffany Zarella headshot

Tiffany Zarella

Ashley Robbins headshot

Ashley Robbins

Jelissa Reynoso Garcia head shot

Jelissa Reynoso Garcia

Wes Buford headshot

Wes Buford

Yaprak Ozakman head shot

Yaprak Ozakman