Cover of One Health: Fungal Pathogens of Humans, Animals, and Plants
With human activity, modern medicine and climate change all intensifying the impact of fungi on global health, agriculture and biodiversity, it is more crucial than ever to advance our understanding of the fascinating biology of fungi in order to harness their extraordinary potential and evade the devastation they can impose. To tackle this challenge, the American Academy of Microbiology convened a colloquium in October 2017, bringing together an international and interdisciplinary team of experts. This meeting transpired a decade after the first of its kind hosted by the Academy in 2007. This new report, titled One Health: Fungal Pathogens of Humans, Animals, and Plants, highlights the remarkable advances in the field and provides updated recommendations to address scientific and public health challenges in the new environment.


Konopka J, Casadevall A, Taylor J, Heitman J, Cowen L. 2019. One health: fungal pathogens of humans, animals, and plants.

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