As a scientific organization rooted in evidence-based research, ASM strongly supports the universal application of vaccines to prevent illness and death caused by infectious diseases. Despite overwhelming successes, including the eradication of smallpox, many people have questions or misconceptions about how vaccines work. Explore ASM's policy statements, articles and more on the science behind vaccines and what ASM is doing to support vaccine and research policy.

The Science of Vaccination

Disease-Specific Expertise

Real World Effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines: April 16, 2021

Do Pfizer and Moderna vaccines prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection? Can you transmit the virus after you’ve been vaccinated? How effective are mRNA vaccines in real world scenarios?

Global Childhood Vaccination Policies

Vaccines provide the best, and sometimes only, protection from dangerous diseases; thus many countries require or recommend immunization from an early age.


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