Students, postdoctoral fellows and technologists who submit abstracts for the ASM Clinical Virology Symposium are eligible for travel awards. Six awards are offered in honor of the following scientists:
  • PASCV ($2,000)
  • Dr. Mario Escobar ($1,500).
  • Dr. Herman Friedman ($1,500).
  • Dr. Edith Hsuing ($1,500).
  • Dr. Edwin Lennette ($1,500).
  • Dr. Marilyn A. Menegus ($1,000): The Menegus Travel Award will be presented to a postdoctoral fellow to expand their education, as well as gain valuable experience by presenting a brief 10-minute talk to the ASM CVS audience. 

Program Details

Travel awardees are selected by the ASM CVS Program Committee on the basis of the scientific quality of the submitted abstracts. Funding from this award is meant only to defray costs for the meeting. Abstract submitters may need to obtain additional funding from other sources.


  1. Students and early-career scientists who submit an abstract for the 2022 ASM Clinical Virology Symposium. 
  2. Menegus Award: Postdoctoral fellows enrolled in an ASM CPEP program at the time of application and who are the presenting author of an abstract submitted to ASM CVS. 


Travel awards for 2022 ASM Clinical Virology Symposium opens Nov. 3.