ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Travel Award for Early-Career Scientists

Please note: ASM Microbe 2021 will be held as a virtual event as part of World Microbe Forum, an online, global meeting in collaboration with the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS). Please see the World Microbe Forum awards information for the most up-to-date eligibility requirements. 

The ASM-FEMS award supports one member from each organization to present their research at the other organization’s main conference. It has been designed to benefit early-career scientists from both organizations by giving them the opportunity to present their work overseas and experience the best of microbiology in the partner country.

Program Details

The ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell is worth up to $4,000 USD for FEMS members traveling to ASM Microbe, supporting travel and living costs of the grantee only.


An early career scientist eligible for the ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Award should:
  • Be a current member of a FEMS full Member Society (please provide the ID number).
  • Be an early-career scientist (either with a Ph.D. obtained within the past 5 years or a current Ph.D. student). 
  • Be the first author of an accepted abstract.


  1. Submit an abstract and travel award application via the abstract submission site.
  2. Include the following documents when submitting: 
    • Name and FEMS Membership number
    • CV, including list of publications 
    • Signed endorsement form

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