ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Travel Award for Early-Career Scientists

The ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell travel award supports 1 member from each organization to present their research at the other organization’s main conference. It has been designed to benefit early-career scientists from both organizations by giving them the opportunity to present their work overseas and experience the best of microbiology in the partner country.

Program Details

The ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell travel award is worth up to $4,000 USD for FEMS members traveling to ASM Microbe, supporting travel and living costs of the grantee only.


An early career scientist eligible for the ASM-FEMS Mäkelä-Cassell Award should:
  • Be a current member of a FEMS full Member Society (please provide the ID number).
  • Be an early-career scientist (either with a Ph.D. obtained within the past 5 years or a current Ph.D. student). 
  • Be the first author of an accepted abstract.
  • Submit a CV, including list of publications.
  • Submit a signed endorsement form.


General abstract submissions and travel awards close Jan. 25, 2023, 12 p.m. ET.

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