Peggy Cotter Travel Awards Early Career Branch Members

The ASM Peggy Cotter Travel Award Program for Early Career Branch Members provides funds for outstanding early career Branch members to attend ASM Microbe.

Program Details

Use of Awards: Awardees will use the awards to pay for registration, accommodation and travel costs associated with attending ASM Microbe.

Each Branch may identify up to 3 awardees, based on criteria established by the award program and the individual Branch. Awardees will be responsible for registering for ASM Microbe and making all their own travel arrangements to attend the meeting. The award funds will be distributed at or after ASM Microbe and are to be used to cover the expenses associated with attending the meeting (registration, travel, accommodation, meals, incidentals).


General Criteria for All Awardees –
1. All awardees must be participating members of their local ASM Branch.
2. All awardees must be Postdoctoral, Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS, MT, MLT, MLS), Contributing, or Premium members of ASM (the national organization) at the time of application/nomination. Supporting, Emeritus, and Honorary members are not eligible for the award.
3. All awardees must be “early career” which for the purposes of this award includes the following:
     a. Postdoctoral fellows (up to 10-years beyond terminal degree)
     b. Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS, MT, MLT, MLS) (up to 10-years beyond terminal degree)
     c. Early Career Faculty (up to 10-years beyond terminal degree)
     d. Early Stage Investigators (ESI’s) (up to 10-years beyond terminal degree)
     e. Other – as determined by Branch, but only individuals who are up to 10-years beyond terminal degree
4. Past recipients of this travel award are NOT eligible to receive the award again. 


Application and selection processes will be handled by the Branches; ASM (the national organization) will not participate in the collection of applications or the review and selection of awardees. Contact your Branch for more details.

‚ÄčEach Branch will determine its own specific application and selection process. ASM suggests that the processes be fairly simple and non-cumbersome for applicants and reviewers.

Learn More

To learn more and to apply for the Peggy Cotter Travel Awards, contact ASM Branch Activities.