Utilize DEI Professional Experiential Plans to Build an Inclusive Community

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This interactive, experiential 90-minute workshop provides an introductory exploration of identity, privilege, inclusion framework, cognitive and structural bias and micro- and macroaggressions. The session highlights the importance of building an inclusive microbiology community through cultural agility, empathy, learning lens and a growth mindset. Participants will walk away with tools for interrupting microaggressions and begin working on a DEI Professional Experiential Plan.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding identities.
  • Explore elements of privilege, bias and micro- and macroaggressions.
  • Recognize the importance of “learning lens,” cultural agility and empathy.
  • Learn elements of building an inclusive community.
  • Gain tools for interrupting microaggressions.

Workshop Agenda

  • Introducing Identities.
  • Breakout Discussion 1: Exchanging stories—Relationship Between Identities and Names.
  • Breakout Discussion 2: Exploring privilege.
  • Inclusion Framework and the Importance of Building an Inclusive Climate.
  • ASM DEI Strategic Plan/Goals.
  • Characteristics of Demographics in the USA.
  • Implicit Bias.
  • Exploring and Interrupting Microaggressions.


This workshop is for anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge of DEI. This includes individuals who are interested in learning about DEI topics, developing skills to handle DEI subjects and receiving some useful tools to start practicing DEI.

To register for this workshop, you must be an ASM member. To join ASM, please visit our membership page and purchase membership.

Registration Details

To register for the workshop, you must be an ASM member. If you are not an ASM member and want to register for this workshop, please visit our membership page and purchase membership first. 

Once you are registered, you will receive an email from ASM a week prior to the workshop to complete an Implicit Association Test (IAT) from Project Implicit. You can take the test at any time. 


Contact Information

Shilpa Gadwal, sgadwal@asmusa.org