Join this free webinar series featuring discussions with authors from recently published articles in Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education® (JMBE). Come meet other biologists who do discipline-based education research (DBER), become more familiar with study design and interpretation of data of DBER studies and learn how to improve your teaching in the process.

After attending JMBE Live! webinars, participants will be able to do the following:
  • Discuss critical aspects of DBER research study design.
  • Interpret results of DBER studies.
  • Describe how DBER studies can inform classroom or laboratory teaching.
  • Be more motivated to conduct your own DBER study and publish in JMBE.
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May 5—Collaborative 2-Stage Exams Benefit Students in a Biology Laboratory Course

Collaborative 2-stage exams provide an effective mechanism to incorporate group work into summative course assessments. We implemented these exams in an upper-level biology laboratory course over 2 terms, 1 with online exams and 1 with in-person exams. We compared student exam performance and perceptions of 2-stage exams and group work across terms and demographic groups.

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  • Clara Meaders, University of California, San Diego.
  • Stanley Maloy, JMBE Editor in Chief.
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May 19—From Novice To Expert: An Assessment To Measure Strategies Students Implement While Learning To Read Primary Scientific Literature

Primary Scientific Literature (PSL) has been used in undergraduate classrooms as a way to engage students with the research process and to increase science literacy. Most curricula lack any formal training for undergraduates to critically read PSL, even though most undergraduate science courses require students to engage with PSL at some level. In addition, there are limited studies exploring the process by which expertise in reading PSL develops in undergraduates. In this study, we adapted behaviors that expert and novice PSL readers exhibit into a quantitative assessment tool, the PSL Reading Strategies Assessment, to evaluate undergraduates’ development of reading strategies when learning to read PSL.

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  • Melissa McCartney, Florida International University.
  • Min Zhong, Auburn University.
  • Cerrone Foster, East Tennessee State University.
  • Miriam Segura-Totten, University of North Georgia.
  • Moderated by Stanley Maloy, JMBE Editor in Chief.
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