Manuscript Writing and Publishing for Scientists

New to writing manuscripts for scientific journals? Reviewing a manuscript for the first time? Looking for fresh insights? ASM’s Manuscript Writing and Publishing For Scientists webinar series equips you with the skills you need to publish in top-tier scientific journals. Learn from seasoned scientists from both academia and government who frequently publish in and review for ASM journals. 
This is a 7-webinar series, offered for purchase either as individual webinars OR by enrolling in the entire 7-webinar package at a discounted price with additional benefits to improve your manuscript-writing skills.

Learning goals

After completion of the webinar series, participants will be able to:
  • Craft a compelling title and abstract.
  • Develop informative and clear figures and tables.
  • Structure each section of your manuscript appropriately.
  • Select an appropriate journal to publish your research.
  • Learn how to work with your Editor as a partner, not an adversary.
  • Evaluate journal articles from a reviewer's perspective.


How will you learn in this series?
  • Attend seven 60-minute interactive webinars presented by experts in the field. Webinars are recorded for later viewing in case of conflicts.
  • Participate in live activities and Q&A sessions with presenters.
  • Complete pre-webinar assignments.

Webinars in the Series


Peggy Cotter, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Mary O’Riordan, University of Michigan


An early-career scientist, such as an undergraduate student, graduate student or postdoc who is: 
  • Interested in learning about the scientific writing and publishing process
  • Currently conducting research or preparing research for publication in peer-reviewed journals

​Registration Details

Registration is available for individual webinars or a 7-webinar package for the Manuscript Writing and Publishing For Scientists Webinar series.
  ASM Member Non-member
7-webinar Package $199 $274
Individual Webinars $35 $50


Registration for individual webinars includes:

  • Access to live webinar(s) and recording(s).
  • Interactive learning with the speaker through activities and live question and answer sessions.

Registration for the entire Manuscript Writing and Publishing For Scientists Webinar Series (7 webinars) includes additional benefits:

  • Discounted package pricing.
  • Participation in a virtual learning community about scientific writing and publishing.
  • Feedback about your learning through pre-webinar assignments.
  • Upon completing the 7-webinar series and providing feedback through surveys:
    • Certificate of Completion.
    • Invitation to participate in a consultation session for a manuscript in progress at at ASM Microbe 2020, June 18-22, in Chicago, IL.


Sponsored by the ASM Sub-Committee on Graduate and Postdoctoral Education of the ASM Education Committee.

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