Want to improve your communication skills? This month-long training program is offered exclusively to ASM members as part of World Microbe Forum.

Over the course of 5 weeks, this program will provide expert-led instruction on strategies, techniques and best practices for effectively communicating your science. Live, weekly learning sessions will focus on approaches for communicating with particular audiences (see tracks below). The final week of the course, featuring interactive presentations, will take place during this year’s World Microbe Forum so you are strongly encouraged to register for the meeting in order to get the full course experience.

This training course is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to enhance their ability to effectively communicate with both professional and informal audiences. A limited number of spots are available, so reserve yours today!

Participants will be able to choose from one of the following tracks:
  • Lay audiences

    • When communicating with non-expert audiences, scientists must adapt their approach to minimize jargon and refine their narrative. Participants in this track will learn strategies for translating their standard technical presentations into plain language that can be understood by anyone. 
  • Media relations

    • Scientists are often wary of interacting with writers and journalists out of fears of being misrepresented. This track will provide training to help participants develop into media-savvy professionals able to comfortably work with the media. 
  • Messaging

    • The best communicators build their communications around a single, repeated, core message, knowing that even engaged audiences remember only a fraction of the information conveyed. This track will lead attendees through exercises designed to help them arrive at and hone a core message about their science.
  • Advocacy (TRACK FULL)

    • In this track, participants will work on developing their messaging for meeting with their member of Congress or local legislator. Participants will learn techniques for effective messaging towards a specific goal, and will receive a crash course in policy and legislation.


Open to ASM members only. Join or renew your membership.

Registration Details

Registration closes May 17, 2021.

Contact Information

Geoff Hunt, ghunt@asmusa.org