mSystems® is an ASM journal dedicated to publishing diverse systems microbiology research, everything from cell metabolism to ecosystem dynamics, tools and techniques, to novel synthetic microbiology. In the mSystems® Thinking lecture series, editors come together with some of their favorite speakers on a variety of topics, using an interactive forum to allow the community to both hear the best science and meet the speakers in small groups. Presentations are followed by an open forum panel discussion with all speakers and participants.

Oct. 7: The Latest in Synthetic Microbiology

Over the last several years there has been a significant increase in the synthetic biology technologies available to microbiology researchers. These technologies are critical tools to better understanding an array of microbial functions and interactions among microbes but the techniques available are varied and the proper application of these tools to appropriate experiments can be a daunting task. In addition, new techniques are constantly being developed and must be evaluated and added to the microbiologist’s toolkit. In this session, we will hear from several researchers in the fields of synthetic biology and ecology as they describe how these tools have helped them answer their research questions as well as where synthetic biology science is moving in the future.


Wenying Shou, Ph.D.

Wenying Shou, Ph.D.

University College London

Lessons From a Synthetic Community

James Carothers, Ph.D.

James Carothers, Ph.D.

The University of Washington

Developing Multi-gene CRISPR A/I Programs to Engineer Bacterial Metabolism

Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Ph.D.

Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Ph.D.

Rice University

Programming Bacteria to Grow into Macroscopic Materials

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