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During the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASM took swift action. Our global public health experts provided training to 10,500 medical professionals and health care workers across India in COVID-19 specimen collection, packaging and transport, in addition to biosafety and diagnostic testing training.  
Our work didn’t just stop there - ASM led an initiative that resulted in the inclusion of $1.75 billion for CDC’s Advanced Molecular Detection (AMD) program in the American Rescue Plan Act. The AMD program is fundamental to U.S. leadership in tracking COVID-19 variants of concern, overcoming the current pandemic and in strengthening infrastructure in preparation for the next one.  
Initiatives like these would not be possible without your support. I am asking for your contributions to help us continue to promote and advance microbial sciences—and help solve great challenges that face humankind today. Our mission is more critical than ever and we need you by our side.  

Choose which key ASM initiative you wish to support: 

  1. ASM’s Full Mission and Vision: Your unrestricted donation allows ASM to provide additional resources to existing and new essential programs and services on an as-needed basis.  Your contribution will be used to ensure vital ASM programs continue forward.  

  2. ASM Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: An essential part of ASM's mission is to embrace, elevate and embody inclusive diversity with equity in the microbial sciences. Activities to support this mission include but are not limited to fellowships, professional development and recognition. 

  3. American Academy of Microbiology: The mission of the Academy is to recognize microbiologists for outstanding contributions to microbial sciences and provide microbiological expertise in the service of science and the public. It fulfills its mission by election to Fellowship in the Academy, convening colloquia and oversight of ASM’s Awards Program.

  4. ASM's Global Public Health Programs: Our efforts support laboratory strengthening in resource-limited settings to advance microbial sciences and enhance health systems. We focus on middle- and lower-income countries, especially communities in remote, underserved areas, empowering them to integrate microbiology laboratory best practices into clinical care and population surveillance. These programs make a lasting impact by enabling identification of, and response to, priority pathogens worldwide. 

    Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.  
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    Steven Finkel 

    ASM President