ASM Donors 2021-2022

In April 2021, we launched our first ASM donations campaign. Since then, we’ve received such positive feedback and generous contributions from our members and our broader microbial community. It is with profound gratitude that we acknowledge all those who have contributed to ASM’s mission in the past year and helped us do even more to promote and advance microbial sciences. Thank you.

Visionary (+$5,000)

Recce Pharmaceuticals

Partner ($1,000 - $5000)

Stefano Bertuzzi
Jo Handelsman
Margaret McFall-Ngai
Susan Pierce

Supporter (up to $1,000)

Taylor Abbey
Patricio Astudillo
Cynthia Ault
Raul Barletta
Peter Barry
Stephen Beres
Cathy Blickendorfer
Emily A. Blumberg
Paul Boudreau
Lynda Brender
Jean Buchenhorst
Christiane Bulot
Dr. Carey-Ann D. Burnham
Sheldon Campbell
Cavarocchi Rusico Dennis
      Associates, LLC
A. Casey Ceasor
Katayoun Chamany
Patricia Champion
Nona Childress
Joan Cunnick
Bill Dettmer
Bhabani P. Dey
Victor DiRita
Timothy Donohue
Alfred Dufour
Danea Dutton

Diane Elliott
Wilfred Joseph Ellis
Hanna Engelberg-Kulka
Grace Filani
Steven Finkel
Mary Firestone
Charles Gaines
Matthew Harvey
Walter Hill
Brian Himelbloom
Holly Simon
Irene Hulede
Adam Katz
Aybek Khodiev
Sefanie Kowalski
Atsuo Kuki
Amy Kullas
Stephen B. Lambert
James Leggett
Markus Lenz
Kara Levinson
Sharon R. Long
Larry Lynam
Itzamar Nahir Rivera
Jack Maniloff

Hannah Mantooth
Mark O. Martin
Peggy McNult
Virginia Miller
Alita Miller
Aaron P. Mitchell
Phil Mixter
Mariano Agustin Molina
Nguyen Nguyen
Cecilia Noecker
Tuyishime Obed
Lucia Eloisa Ocampo
Colleen Oloughlin
Catherine Ort-Mabry
Vera L. Pagan
Tom Palack
Robin Patel
Ariane Peralta
Shagufta Perveen
Allen T. Phillips
Maria Soledad Benitez Ponce
Jenkyn Elijah Powell
John Pringle
Ryan Relich
Roy Robins-Browne

Rachel Robson
Claudia Rocha
Beverly Roe
James Roumell
Christine Rousseau
Nina Salama
Bruce Seal
Allen Segal
Julia Segre
Kimberly Shankle
Marcia C. Shearer
Even Skjervold
Kristen Smith
Jonathan Stevens
Bradley M. Tebo
Patrick Tennican
Jeremy Thorner
Michael John Tully
Amy Cheng Vollmer
Kyle Walker
Burton Wilcke
Paul P. Winniczuk
Elizabeth Wolfinger
Marylynn V. Yates
Stephen Zinder