It is with profound gratitude that we acknowledge all those who have contributed to ASM’s mission in 2022 and helped us do even more to promote and advance microbial sciences. Thank you.

Partner ($1,000 to $4,999)

Stefano Bertuzzi
Lydia Bienlien
Jo Handelsman
Margaret McFall-Ngai
Susan Pierce

Supporter ($500 to $999)

Nguyen Nguyen
John Pringle

Friend ($100 – $499)

Thank You to
All ASM Donors

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Sara Andres Lasheras
Cavarocchi Rusico Dennis
     Associates, LLC
Cynthia Ault
Peter Barry
Stephen Beres
Cathy Blickendorfer
Paul Boudreau
Lynda Brender
Carey-Ann D. Burnham
Katayoun Chamany
Patricia Champion
Maria F. Colom Valiente

Joan Cunnick
Christine Dieck-Hillegas
Victor DiRita
Timothy Donohue
>Hanna Engelberg-Kulka
Steven Finkel
Mary Firestone
Irene Hulede
Atsuo Kuki
Larry Lynam
James Leggett
Sharon R. Long
Diane Lutwak

Mark O. Martin
Kathrine McAulay
Peggy McNult
Alita Miller
Virginia Miller
Aaron P. Mitchell
George O'Toole
Robin Patel
Ariane Peralta
Rachel Robson
Christine Marie Rousseau
Nina Salama

Julia Segre
Kimberly Shankle
Yu-Ling Shih
Holly Simon
Jeremy Thorner
Amy Cheng Vollmer
Susan Watanabe
Burton Wilcke
Paul P. Winniczuk
Elizabeth Wolfinger
Marylynn V. Yates
Stephen Zinder

Community ($25 – $99)

Roberto Alfonso
Wafa Alrostamani
Patricio Astudillo
Fernando Baquero
Spencer Alan Benson
Mariano Garcia Blanco
Jon Clardy
Marcela Ferres

Bettina Fries
William Gardner
Michael Ibba
Ronald M. Iorio
Stephen B. Lambert
Stephen Lerner
Valerio Mangani
Sue Merkel

Robert Metcalf
Sam Milstein
Zina Moldoveanu
Steven Norris
Mark E. Peeples
Ryan Relich
James Roth
Edward Schroder

Marilyn Smith
Michael Surette
Louise Temple
Ana Traven
Peter Walter
Nathan Wiederhold
Angela M Wilson
Yong Zhao

Colleague (up to $25)

You are too numerous to name but equally appreciated. Thank you!

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