What We Do

Established in 1899, ASM is the home for microbial scientists from around the globe to connect, learn, discover and prepare for the future.

ASM and its 32,000 members partner with global organizations to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. We connect with millions of experts and harness their science to serve humanity. From climate change, antimicrobial resistance, industrial, basic and applied microbiology, ASM is a leader in scientific publishing, stands for open science and advocates for evidence-based public policies.

Who We Are

The American Society for Microbiology is a professional life science organization composed of more than 32,000 scientists, educators and health professionals who are dedicated to promoting and advancing microbial sciences around the world.

We know that microbiology has the power to impact lives, and we are uniquely positioned to bring together key stakeholders to institute life-saving programs, advocate for science funding, encourage the next generation of microbiologists and contribute to the resolution of the most pressing global health challenges.

We strive to make the microbial sciences the most diverse field in STEM and to be a homebase where microbiologists from every part of our world can come together, connect, learn and recharge for the future.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

ASM strives to make the microbial sciences the most welcoming field in STEM by elevating and embodying Inclusive Diversity with Equity, Access and Accountability (IDEAA). ASM works to create a diverse community and a culture of inclusion where all staff, volunteers, members and the community are respected, treated fairly and provided opportunities to develop professionally and excel in their chosen career pathway.

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Where We Are

We have a vast global network of members, Ambassadors, BranchesStudent Chapters and Global Health Programs that contribute richness of thought, innovation and research. The map below depicts the regional distribution of ASM members around the world.

Locations of ASM Members by Region
Map of the world showing where ASM has Members by region. 3,189 in Africa. 2,498 in Asia. 145 in ECA. 1,947 in Europe. 406 in LAC. 2,456 in MENA. 14,899 in North Am. 3,047 in S. Asia.

Global Public Health Programs

ASM strengthens levels of health care around the world through lab capacity building, training of local staff and providing solutions for outbreaks when they arise.

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ASM Member Demographics

ASM is working to better understand and meet the needs of our members and stakeholders by collecting and tracking demographic information related to gender, race and ethnicity. We will utilize these data to not only better understand our members, but to also track our progress in diversifying the ASM community. We invite you to update your profile demographics below.

Chart shows results of survey on member race and gender from March 2022. For gender: 16% women, 28% women, 55% no response.  Race: White, 20.6%; Asian, 3.4%; Black or African American, 1.2%; Hispanic.

ASM currently leans on U.S. Census data values when collecting demographic information. We understand these values are not fully inclusive or holistic, and we are actively reviewing and revising our data values to enhance our data collection and address these gaps.
Note: The higher total for race/ethnicity is due to acceptance of multiple designations per member
Data updated 6/24/2024.

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