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With over 30,000 members, including researchers, educators and health professionals, ASM is one of the largest life science societies in the world.

Advancing Microbiology How We Do It

ASM's meetings, journals and books explore the complete spectrum of microbiology, and collaborations with our partners strengthen relationships with academic, regulatory and industrial communities.

Building Careers Supporting Our Members

ASM helps members advance their careers by providing professional development opportunities, fellowships, travel awards and workshops.

Making a Difference Improving Global Health

ASM helps find solutions to pressing public health issues by strengthening laboratory capacity in resource-limited areas through training.

Advocating for Science Advocacy

ASM engages with policymakers and empowers its members to advocate for evidence-based policy and the highest standards in scientific practice.

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Global Public Health Programs

ASM strengthens levels of health care around the world through lab capacity building, training of local staff and providing solutions for outbreaks when they arise.

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ASM held its first ever meeting in December 1899. One of the sessions was called "On the Use of Steam for Sterilization."

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ASM members and staff work together to do great things.

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