CMSSC Privacy Policy

Oct. 18, 2020

CMSSC Privacy Policy Statement

American Society for Microbiology ("ASM") is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust with respect to the information we collect from you on websites owned and operated by ASM ("ASM Web Sites") and other sources. This privacy policy sets forth the information on how we intend to protect and handle the information you will provide about your laboratory’s supply chain status through the Clinical Microbiology Supply Shortage Collection tool (CMSSC), how we may use this information, and the choices you have about how we use such information. 

Proprietary Information 

To the extent that the information you will be providing to ASM through the Association for Supply Chain Management identifies the specific laboratory to which such information belongs (the “Proprietary Information”), ASM shall treat such information as confidential, proprietary information for a period of one year from the date that you provided the information. During this one-year period, ASM will use the same degree of care to protect this Proprietary Information as it uses to protect its own information of a confidential and proprietary nature, but in no event shall it use less than a reasonable degree of care. ASM also will take reasonable care to ensure that ASCM and any subcontractors engaged by ASM or ASCM in this project protect the Proprietary Information consistent with this Privacy Policy. 

The information you provide will be published in an aggregate analysis of laboratory supply shortages in an effort to raise attention and awareness of challenges clinical labs face in meeting testing needs.

Sharing Clinical Laboratory Data

Single laboratory data will be the unit of analysis, and will be used to analyze and visualize shortages at the national and state level. Data generally will be published in aggregate form, and, at ASM’s discretion, some data may be published in de-identified single laboratory data form. 

In the event that local, state or national governmental agencies request laboratory level data in order to address supply shortages, ASM will contact the relevant laboratory(ies) and request separate written authorization for the release of this data. If ASM is compelled by law to disclose Proprietary Information, it shall provide the affected laboratory(ies) with prior notice of such compelled disclosure (to the extent legally permitted). 

All collected information shall be the property of ASM and not its technical partner ASCM. How it will be disclosed is solely within ASM’s discretion, consistent with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Participation in the CMSSC project is voluntary. However, you must opt in to provide your data under the terms listed above to participate in this project.