ASM Statement on the U.S. Election

Nov. 6, 2020

Washington, D.C. – November 6, 2020 – As we look ahead to a new Congress in January and await the final results of the Presidential election, the American Society for Microbiology reaffirms its commitment to working with policymakers to advance the microbial sciences through support for research funding and evidence-based policies that improve public health and the health of the world around us. The current COVID-19 pandemic unquestionably illustrates how microbes, both good and bad, transcend government agencies and borders. 
“Perhaps never in our history has the field of microbiology been more foundational to our future,” said ASM CEO Stefano Bertuzzi. “The need for evidence-based public policies that are rooted in science has never been more evident and ASM is proud to support its members who can provide such expertise to the benefit of society.”  
The microbial sciences play an essential role in helping to address humanity’s most daunting – and evolving – challenges. The U.S. election results will have an undeniable impact on how we address the challenges of COVID-19 and how we address the needs of the broader scientific community.
ASM stands ready to engage with policymakers to promote the microbial sciences and clinical microbiology, showcasing the importance of public health professionals, clinicians, researchers, laboratorians and the work microbiologists do across multiple disciplines and sectors of society.

Author: ASM Advocacy

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