ASM Advocates Meet With Congress To Discuss Science Policy

Sept. 24, 2021

Microbiology advocates, including ASM President Steve Finkel and members of ASM's Public and Scientific Affairs Committee (PSAC) conducted a full day of meetings with Congressional offices and staff during ASM Hill Day on Sept. 23, 2021. Together, they completed more than 50 meetings representing 18 states and 26 Congressional Districts.

ASM is a leader in advocating for sound science and evidence-based policy. Participating scientists shared how legislative decisions impact their research, and how their science can impact policy. Discussions with Congressional offices prioritized the need for robust, sustained funding for scientific research and the importance of the bioeconomy.

"Hill Days are an essential avenue for providing expert testimony on key issues in Congress," said ASM CEO Stefano Bertuzzi. "The last 2 years have shown us that microbial scientists' expertise is crucial to informing and guiding policy decisions. I am proud of ASM's role in empowering our member experts to speak up for science as we grow our advocacy program to help shape a healthier and safer world for everyone."

ASM empowers its members to advance the field of microbiology as it intersects with public policy: from health, to agriculture, to energy and the environment, to biodefense. All this must be done while promoting a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where science can thrive.

ASM Hill Days give selected qualified participants the opportunity to meet with their elected officials and share the importance of the microbial sciences in guiding future policy. ASM's comprehensive training includes workshops on how to successfully deliver a scientific message and become an effective science communicator, as well as education about the legislative process, the Federal Budget and Appropriations process and the influences of federal policy-making and scientific research on one another. More than 20 early-career scientists, many of whom expressed interest in science policy as a career, joined this year's cohort.

Author: ASM Communications

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