ASM Branches

ASM Branches Offer:

  • Local scientific meetings.
  • Outstanding lectures by ASM Distinguished Lecturers and other speakers.
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with colleagues in your scientific discipline.
  • Forum for students, postdocs and early career scientists to present their research.
  • Branch Councilors serve on the ASM Council on Microbial Sciences.

Get Involved With Your Local ASM Branch

Interested in supporting ASM’s mission to promote and advance the microbial sciences in your local community?  Consider joining a Branch in your area! Branches serve students, postdocs, early-career and established scientists by providing professional development, leadership and mentoring opportunities.

ASM Branch dues support local Branch activities. Questions? Contact:

Join an ASM Branch and get involved locally.

Locate Your Branch

Map of the United States indicates which states are associated with which region. See below for details about branches.


Region 1

Regional Planning Coordinator, Region 1: Steven Fiester, Ph.D.    

Connecticut Valley

  • Connecticut.
  • Massachusetts (zip codes 01000-01699).
  • New Hampshire (zip codes 03400-03499 and 03600-03799).
  • Rhode Island.
Branch President: Roger Greenwell
Branch Vice President: Steven Fiester

Eastern New York

  • New York (zip codes 12000-12499, 12700-12999 and 13300-13399).
  • Note: New York Zip Codes 13000-13299 and 13400-13999 are currently unassigned; since these areas are somewhat equidistant from either the Eastern New York (Region 1) or Western New York (Region 3) Branches, individuals in those zip code areas are welcome to participate in/join either or both Branch(es). 

Branch President: Nicole Shakerley 

New York City

  • New York (zip codes 00500-11999 and 12500-12699).                  

Branch President: Caitlin Otto


  • Maine.
  • Massachusetts (zip codes 01700-02799 and 05500-05599).
  • New Hampshire (zip codes 03000-03399, 03500-03599, and 03800-03899). 
  • Vermont.      

Branch President: Ramy Arnaout

Region 2

Regional Planning Coordinator, Region 2: Wade Bell, Ph.D.

Eastern Pennsylvania

  • Delaware.
  • New Jersey (zip codes 08000-08499).
  • Pennsylvania (zip codes 17000-17199, 17300-17699, and 17800-19699). 
Branch President: Vincent Tam    


  • Maryland (All zip codes except 20700-20999).       
Branch President: Birthe Kjellerup

Theobald Smith Society, New Jersey

  • New Jersey (All zip codes except 08000-08499).          
Branch President: Gregory R. Wiedman    


  • Virginia (All zip codes except 22000-22399).
Branch President: Jamie Brooks

Washington, D.C.

  • District of Columbia.
  • Maryland (zip codes 20700-20999).
  • Virginia (zip codes 22000-22399). 
Branch President: Kileen Shier

Region 3

Regional Planning Coordinator, Region 3: Merrilee Anderson, Ph.D.  


  • Pennsylvania (zip codes 15000-16999, 17200-17299, and 17700-17799).
  • West Virginia.            
Main Branch Contact: ABASM Branch 
Branch President: Jonathan Busada  


  • Indiana.
Branch President: Aaron Setterdahl    


  • Kentucky.
  • Tennessee.
Branch President: Korsi Dumenyo


  • Michigan.    
Branch President: Joshua Thomson    


  • Ohio.             
Branch President: D. J. Ferguson

Western New York 

  • New York (zip codes 14000-14999). 
  • Note: New York Zip Codes 13000-13299 and 13400-13999 are currently unassigned; since these areas are somewhat equidistant from either the Eastern New York (Region 1) or Western New York (Region 3) Branches, individuals in those zip code areas are welcome to participate in/join either or both Branch(es).        
Branch President: Mark Hicar

Region 4

Regional Planning Coordinator, Region 4: Julie Torruellas Garcia, Ph.D.


  • Florida (zip codes 33000-33499, 33900-34199, and 34900-34999).
Branch President: Terri Ellis

North Carolina

  • North Carolina.         
Branch President: Dr. Jason Arnold

Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Society of Microbiologists)

  • Puerto Rico.
Branch President: José R Pérez-Jiménez

South Carolina

  • South Carolina.
Branch President: Ginny Webb    

South Central

  • Arkansas.
  • Louisiana.
  • Mississippi.
Branch President: Jason Bodily


  • Alabama.
  • Florida (zip codes 32000-32999, 33500-33899, 34200-34299, 34400-34499 and 34600-34799).
  • Georgia.
Branch President:  Dr. Sophie Darch 

Region 5

Regional Planning Coordinator, Region 5: Bonnie Jo Bratina, Ph.D.     


  • Alaska.
Branch President: Kristy Menning

Illinois (Illinois Society for Microbiology, Inc.)

  • Illinois.         
Branch President: Nicholas Moore


  • Missouri.    
Branch President: Michael Grantham 

North Central

  • Iowa. 
  • Minnesota.
  • North Dakota.
  • South Dakota.
  • Wisconsin.         
Branch President: Paul Schweiger


  • Idaho (zip codes 83500-83599 and 83800-83899).
  • Montana.
  • Oregon.
  • Washington.
  • British Columbia, Canada.           
Branch President: Jonathan Pruneda

Region 6

Regional Planning Coordinator, Region 6: Jennifer Hennigan, Ph.D.    

Missouri Valley

  • Kansas.
  • Nebraska.
  • Oklahoma.  
Branch President: Lisa (Elizabeth) Rucks

Rio Grande

  • New Mexico.
  • Texas (zip codes 79800-79999 and 88500-88599).                 
Branch President: Charles Spencer

Rocky Mountain

  • Colorado.
  • Wyoming.    
Branch President: Brad Borlee


  • Texas (All zip codes except 79800-79999 and 88500-88599).
Branch President: Gregory D. Frederick

Region 7

Regional Planning Coordinator, Region 7: Boo Shan Tseng, Ph.D.    

Arizona/Southern Nevada

  • Arizona.
  • Nevada (zip codes 88900-89199).   
Branch co-President: Frank A. Duca
Branch co-President: Koenraad M. Van Doorslaer



  • Hawaii.
Branch President: Marek Kirs


  • Idaho (zip codes 83200-83499 and 83600-83799).
  • Nevada (zip codes 89300-89399).
  • Utah.             
Branch President: Brett Pickett

Northern California

  • California (zip codes 93600-96599).
  • Nevada (89400-89899).  
Branch President: Elizabeth Antaki-Zukoski

Southern California

  • California (zip codes 90000-93599).
Branch President: Nicole Green