Session Guidelines

Convene a Session at ASM Microbe

ASM Microbe brings together exceptional scientific program content into 1 creative learning environment. There are several opportunities for you to participate in the planning of the ASM Microbe 2025 scientific program content.

Deadline: Aug. 1, 2024, 12 p.m. ET 

Questions? Contact the ASM Microbe Programming Team.

Items to Note

  • More than 1 proposal per submitter is welcomed for consideration.  
  • ASM Microbe encourages and expects speaker diversity in the sessions at its meeting, including but not limited to gender, race, career level, geography, institution, etc. 
  • All proposals must be submitted online via the link provided on this page. 
  • Conveners will be assigned a member of the program committee to provide oversight of the session.

Preparing Your Session Proposal

In addition to basic personal information about who you are (name, institution, email address), the following information is required on the submission form:
  • Session title (should clearly identify the topic).
  • If you are submitting on behalf of an organization, the name of the organization
  • Content level of your session: novice, intermediate or advanced.
  • Programming track that best aligns with your proposed session:
  • Session description (4-5 sentences describing what the speakers will present).
  • Three learning objectives (use active verbs).
  • Key takeaway points (5-6 bullets listing what the attendee will learn in the session).
  • Key takeaway points’ references (cite the specific references used to support your key takeaway point for the attendee). Only applies for submission to Clinical tracks with CME/CE.
  • Explanation of why your proposed topic is particularly important to present in 2025.
  • First name, last name, degree, institution, email for up tp two suggested speakers.

What We Look For

Review the Criteria

The ASM Microbe Program Committee develops the meeting, in part, from submitted session proposals. Proposals are reviewed and considered using the following criteria:
  1. Completed submission form, including all conveners and speakers. 
  2. Session title that accurately reflects the topic. 
  3. Well-written session description, learning objectives and key takeaways (with references) that provide a clear picture of the session and what attendees will learn through their participation. 
  4. Meets the needs of the community. 
  5. It has not been presented recently (or if it has, merits an update). 
  6. Current topic(s) that present the latest science. 
  7. Convener and speaker diversity (gender, race, career level, geography, etc.). 

Two-Year Speaker Rule

ASM Microbe has a “2-year speaker rule” to encourage new and diverse content.  Suggested speakers will be reviewed by the Program Committee to determine eligibility during the sessioning process. 

Speaker Diversity

ASM Microbe encourages and expects speaker diversity across the spectrum in the sessions at its meeting, including but not limited to: gender, race, career level, geography, institution etc. 

Resources, Support and Procedures

Helpful Resources 

Convener and Speaker Travel Support

ASM Microbe will offer reduced registration and limited travel support to selected speakers. New for 2025, Conveners who do not have a speaking role will also be eligible for a limited travel subsidy and reduced registration.  

Proposal Review and Notification

After proposal submissions close, all proposals will be reviewed by the program committee. The committee will meet in late-Aug. 2024 to develop the program, including review and selection of submitted session proposals. 
Please note, ASM often receives multiple proposals on the same topic and the program committee may choose to combine proposals into a single session. Program committee members may also collaborate with session submitters to build from ideas provided in a session proposal and develop the submission into a new session with a different focus than what was proposed. If your session is selected for merging, modification or collaboration, a member of the program committee will contact you in Aug. 2024. 
Notification (dispositions) of the status of your proposal will be sent in September 2024. If your proposal is selected for ASM Microbe 2025, submitters must accept their invitations by the date listed in their notifications. 
Speaker invitations will be disseminated in late September 2024. If accepted to be a speaker at ASM Microbe 202, speakers must accept their invitations by the deadline listed in their notification

Please direct questions to the ASM Microbe Program Team.